Maybe So, Maybe Not.

Maybe two people who have barely talked before can learn to work together, and actually make a relationship out of it.


2. Working on it

Knock Knock. 

I got up off of my couch and went to the door, opening it I looked outside to see Luna. I opened the screen door and let her in.

"Ready to start working?"

"Yeah, I guess. We can use my computer. Its over here." I said, walking past the kitchen to the room we used as an office. She followed close behind me as my two dogs came running. They were a German Shepard and a Rottweiler, both boys.  "Bruiser and Butch, its okay. She's not going to hurt you. Heel." Both dogs got on the left side of me and walked on the side of each other.

"They are pretty trained, arent they?"

"Ive been training them since I was little and they were puppies, I had too." 

"Oh. Which one is which?"

"Bruiser is the German Shepard, Butch is the Rottweiler. They arent really mean, they are just rough when they play."

"Nice to know." She started petting Bruiser as we walked into the office, which was down the hall, across from my room. 

I looked down and noticed that I was in some uncomfortable clothes. "Ill be right back, im going to get more comfortable since we are just going to be here." I walked into my room and put some sweatpants on with a black muscle shirt. I walked back into the room to see that Luna had pulled up a webpage with a lot of information and started playing with Butch and Bruiser on the floor. "No biting boys." Sitting down next to the computer I started writing down information.

"Need any help?" Luna asked, crouching next to me. 

"I think I got it." I said, "You want to sit though? Ive been sitting all day." 

"Sure, but if you want to sit it's okay."

I got up and let Luna sit.  She ended up telling me what to write, while I wrote down everything on the notebook she brought. Once we were done we went back into my living room, I turned the T.V. on.

"Is Brendan going with you when he goes out?" Luna suddenly asked.

"What are you talking about?"

"Hes been going out a lot lately but he has been saying, 'Oh its okay, Im going with Emmett." She said mockingly on the last part.

"Oh, no. I havent been to any parties, in quite a while actually. Ive been having to study and stuff."

"Oh, okay.. Thank you for telling me the truth though."

"Anytime." Although that wasnt the whole truth. It was about that question, but the one she asked about the dance.. Not so much. When I say I wanted to go to the dance with her, and not some girl I barely knew, I meant it. But, I was a good friend, so I wasnt going to ask her out when she was dating my friend. 


After a while of watching T.V. I remembered that I had football practice today. We only had two games left this year, one this week and one next week. I only missed like one or two through out the year, so I was just going to tell the coach I had to do a project, hopefully he would understand. Luna and I talked a little while we watched T.V. but not too much. She wasn't all that sad when she found out Brendan was lying to her. She actually took it better than most girls would have, to find out that the person you have been dating for almost two years is now most likely cheating on you. At around 7:45ish she left. I called Brendan immediately.

"Hey man, whats up?"

"Hey, I have a question.."

"What kind of question? And how come you werent at practice today?"

"I had to work on a project. Its a question that I need to ask."

"Oh. Ask it then, if its so important."

I had to know the truth. "Are you cheating on Luna?"

"Aww yeah! Ive been cheating on Luna since like.. Last year! Man, have you seen the college girls that are out there? You never get to experience when your tied down to a girl. Their shapes are so curvy its unbelievable. You have to come out with me sometime."

"Alright, maybe one night I will. I have to work on that project now, bye." I hung up. I could not believe the words that just came out of his mouth. When they break up, I was going to have to beat his ass. How do you just cheat on someone for half of your relationship? Especially when you know your best friend was going to treat her better than you? God, I hated him so much after that phone call. I turned my radio up to about 75 and put in some Sleeping With Sirens. Bruiser came in my room and laid on my bed next to me.

"What's wrong with some people B?" I asked, not expecting a reply. All I got was a head perk. I shook my head. How was I going to just tell Luna that Brendan was cheating on her? 'Oh Luna, by the way Brendan is cheating on you, and has been for a year.' No. I needed some serious help, but who was I going to ask? I couldnt ask anyone who was close to either of them. That ruled out almost the entire school, except a few people. I knew who I was going to ask. If she would even talk back to me. 

(Sorry this chapters kinda short, Ill try to make the next one longer...)

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