Maybe So, Maybe Not.

Maybe two people who have barely talked before can learn to work together, and actually make a relationship out of it.


1. The Project

It was the week before before summer break and Emmett was tired of school. For 14 years he spent his life here and he still had a week and a half left.    


I was sitting in Mrs. Monroe's class when she announced that we had one more project of the year. On top of that we didnt get to pick our partners, she was picking them for us. She was going to put everyone with someone they really disliked, saying that we needed to learn communication skills. I already knew it.

"Emmett, Im going to pair you up first. Let's see. Im going to pair you up with... Im going to pair you up with Carla."

Dear God no. I was really athletic and pretty good looking if you asked any girl in the school, although I didnt think so. Then there was Carla, the girl who never talks or goes to any school related events. She probably hated my soul because I played sports. I was pretty sure she was smart, so maybe if we worked together, we could get it done fast and not have to talk again. I picked my booksack up and moved to the desk next to her.

"Hi." I whispered to her, her response was a dull look at me and then back at the teacher. "Okay then, can we get started." I muttered as the teacher began to pair everyone else up.  She has still never spoken a single word to me by the time I was done 1/4 of the project. She was working on another 1/4 of it.

"You know what? How about you guys just pair up yourselves. But it must be girl and boys." Mrs.Monroe shouted as though she had just had the best idea ever.

"Great, so we did this for nothing?" I said aloud.

"Well not if your going to stay in the same groups, Mr.Emmett."

"Well Im not staying with her, Im sorry, she hasnt said a single word to me this entire time."

"Then maybe you did, maybe you didnt."

I looked at her, clearly not entertained by her sheepish smile. By the time I finished talking to her, just about all the guys paired up with girls. I was pleased to see that Carla wasnt the only girl left. I ran up to another girl, when she turned around I realized it was Luna. It was my bestfriend's girlfriend.

"PLEASE be my partner Luna." 

"Your lucky Brendan isnt in this class." She said, giggiling.

"Thank God.! I was not about to stay partners with Carla. How come no one else asked you to be their partner?"

"Well a few did, I just told them no, because I didnt want be partners with Kevin, or Doug."

"Oh, I see."

Luna and I barely talked before, but every now and then we did. I knew she was smart and luckily when I showed her the work I did, she had started on another part. We sat at the table and continued working..


I raised my eyebrow in confusion, "So what?"

"Have you thought about who you want to take to the last dance of the year?"

You. "No not really..." I trailed off. Luna had always been the one I liked, but I never got the chance to ask her out because  when I told Brendan that I was going to ask her out he beat me to the point. Actually he only beat me to the point by a few seconds, at a dance. Me and him had a big fight after that, but I forgave him, I dont know why, but I did. Thats why, ever since that dance, Luna and I have never talked. 

"Oh, okay. Maybe I can go to your house and look some of this stuff up."

"Yeah maybe, what about Brendan though?"

"He'll be okay with it. I guess."

"Okay because I dont want to be the cause of a fight between you guys.."

"No, Its okay, really."

The bell rang and everyone around us started getting up and leaving.

"Well see you later. I guess.."

I felt Luna do something to my booksack..

"What are you doing?"

"You'll see."

We had Mrs.Monroe for the last block of school, so when I got on the bus I checked the small pocket of my booksack and noticed a paper that had not been there before. Grabbing it I immediately opened it, as Brendan sat down next to me. I had to kind of tilt the paper sideways so he couldnt read it and get mad.

My number....... -Luna

Shaking my head and laughing, I put the paper in my pocket and zipped my booksack up.

 "What are you laughing at?" 

"Huh?. Oh.. Nothing..."

"Let me see the paper bro.!"

"Fine, if you really want to see it, then go get it." I balled up my fist and hurriedly threw the other paper that was in my hand out of the window, hiding the real one he wanted to see.

"Really man?"

"Yeah. Now if you want to go get it then go. I told you it wasn't that important." I say, sighing. 

"Im going to go get that later."

"It probably wont be there, just saying, you can try though." I shrug and stick her number in my pocket.


I called Luna and was listening to the ring. After a while I heard her voice.


"Hi, its Emmett."

"Oh, hey Emmett."

"I was wondering if you could come to my house so we could do the project..."

"Sure. I dont have anything else to do."

"Okay, what time are you going to come?"

"Around 5:30 most likely."

"Alright, bye."


We both hung up. Well that was quick and easier than expected. We only had two days to work on the project, so we had to get it done. We had to do a project on diseases. It was a science class.

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