Maybe So, Maybe Not.

Maybe two people who have barely talked before can learn to work together, and actually make a relationship out of it.


3. Getting closer

The next day the entire bus ride I didnt even talk to Brendan. In homeroom, as soon as she walked in and sat at her desk, I followed her. I was going to ask Carla what to do. 

"Carla, do you think you can help me?"

"Depends. What do you need help doing?" She talked to me. I think my jaw almost fell off at that.

"Ugh... Well.." I looked around. "Can I just tell you on the phone? There is kind of a lot of people around.." I gestured around the room. "Its kind of.. a secret.." I mentally crossed my fingers, hoping that she wont think its some kind of prank.

"Why cant you just tell me right now?" She raised one of her eyebrows. 

"I told you, its kind of private, and a secret. I just need your help. You seem trustworthy so I figured I could ask you about it.."

"Whatever, but if this is a prank, I will kill you." She handed me her number. Thank God. I really thought she was about to kill me when she handed it to me though. As long as I had it I was okay. I put the number in my pocket and went back to my seat, a lot of people were staring at me though, because I was at Carla's desk of all people's.

-- (Last hour of school)

We all had to sit with our partners. Luna and I were in the middle of the classroom, I really wanted to tell her about Brendan, and it was taking a lot of me not to. Mrs. Monroe went around and asked each group of partners how far they got. Surprisingly Luna and I were the second to farthest done. The only people that were ahead of us were Justin and Carla. Now she probably thinks I need help with the project. Oh well. I was going to get help, and I was going to get help from her. After a while of boring class work, and a little bit of talking, I heard the bell. 

-- (Football Practice)

We had just finished dressing in our uniforms for our last practice of the week before the game when Brendan walked up to me.

"So you told Luna I wasn't going out with you when she asked?" He raised an eyebrow, and got closer in my face.

"Yeah, I did. I didn't know what she was talking about. Maybe you shouldn't make up lies and excuses when she asks." I shrugged. 

"Well, maybe you should be a good friend and back me up." He moved closer, and grabbed my jersey.

"Its not my fault, I wasn't aware of this fantasy world you created, where I go out with you every night and have sex with everything I see that has a vagina." 

"Well you should have told her yeah, then checked with me before telling her no."

"Well maybe you should do something about it, Big Boy." I chuckled after saying this. Brendan pulled me closer and was about to attempt to hit me when the coach walked in.

"Break it up, save that energy for the field. We are having two teams. You will play against each other, the two people who will pick the teams are Emmett and Brendan."

We picked all the people we wanted on our teams. Surprisingly, the cheerleaders were there to watch us and most likely have a short practice. Meaning Luna was there. I smiled, knowing that Brendan would try to kiss her and she wouldn't let him since hes been lying to her. And just as I suspected, it rolled out in front of me. I shook my head and laughed, I went up to Luna to ask her a question.

"Get away from my girl Emmett, before you corrupt her." It took all I had not to say, "Your girl? Which one, you most likely effed them all since you've been dating Luna." 

"I need to ask her a question, were doing a project together chill. Luna, you coming to my house again today?" After I said it I realized what I had just said in front of Brendan. To him, that meant I was cheating with Luna on him. In reality, he was the only one cheating. 

"Umm, most likely, after practice." She smiled. At the time I didnt have my helmet on because we were just walking to the field. She walked up to me and kissed me on the cheek. "Good luck." That confirmed I was 'cheating with Luna' in Brendan's mind. He looked at me and then back at her and shook his head, walking away, towards the field. 

"Whats wrong with him?"

"Knowing him, he probably thinks that your cheating on him with me."

"I swear, sometimes. Hes so.. Ugh!" She walked away. I put my helmet on and jogged the rest of the way to the field.

"Its on, Emmett." Brendan snarled, while passing me up, purposely going out of his way.

"Okay, if you want it to be." The rest of the time was spent playing football with the occasional cheer from the cheerleaders. If I would have the ball Brendan would try to tackle me with all of his might, which didnt really hurt. So I returned the favor, quite a few times. 

"If your a real, 'man', you will meet me on the field after practice."

"Brendan, do we really have to fight, we already know who's going to win, we've done this before. Remember?"

"I've learned some more moves since then."

"Oh, so you need 'moves' because I dont."

"We'll see who's talking when you are the one who is laying on the field."

"Okay, we'll see." We all dressed back in and by the time I was on the field, the coach had left and most of the team had heard about the fight. Some even placed bets. Most of the cheerleaders were still there though. When they saw the team in a big circle around me, waiting for Brendan, they all came running. Once he finally showed up the fight started. Brendan tried to punch me and I dodged it easily, I ducked under his arm and picked him up, slamming him on the ground. Then I just kept hitting him in the face and jaw until he finally pushed me off. Once he got up he was all wobbly. I punched him in the jaw and he was back on the ground. I got back on top of him and was still punching him when Tyler pulled me off of him. He was one of my friends from the team. Brendan was on the point of unconsciousness when Luna came out from no where and got in his face and punched him. "Thats for lying to me you douche!" I laughed and gave her a high-five. A lot of people had video taped the fight that was easily disputed. 

-- (At home)

When I got home Luna came with me to do the project. We went on the computer and while I changed into some other clothes she went on Facebook. 

"A bunch of people put the fight on here, even the part with me.!"

When i was done changing I ran in the other room to see if what she said was true. Almost everything on the news feed was either a video, a picture, or a post related to the fight. When I checked mine, even people who werent there were congratulating me. 

"How come you and Brendan were fighting though?"

"We had a few problems that needed to be situated."

"Like what?"

"Umm.. All kinds. He has just been having a few problems with himself lately." I laughed lightly as we started working on the poster I had bought on the way home. Luna worked on the poster while I made the power point. 

"So did you situate that stuff out with him, about him lying?"

"Yeah, well I did. Sort of. Ive really been thinking of breaking up with him." Thats amazing. God I wish I could say that.

"Well I hope you can get everything sorted out. Maybe not the same way we did, a little less violent."

We both laughed at this and we just about finished both parts of the project. I noticed it was about 8:40 and that I hadn't eaten in a while and I was hungry.

"Do you want a pizza?" I asked,  my stomach growling.

"Yeah! Im really hungry."

"Good. So am I." I smiled and got up, going to the kitchen. When i got there I took a pizza out of the freezer and preheated the oven. Luna came out of the room and sat on the island, waiting for me to finish. When the oven was done preheating I put the pizza in and stood next to Luna.

"Want to take a break from the project?"

"Sure, working on a poster nonstop is pretty hard."

"Okay, what do you want to do?"

"Ugh. We can.. watch T.V.?" She suggested.

"All good with me." I said. Starting to walk to the living room. All of a sudden I heard Luna say 'Catch me.' As she started running. All at once she jumped on me and I was giving her a piggy back ride to the living room. 

"How did you know I was going to be able to pick you up?"

"You're a football player first off. And you picked Brendan up earlier. I was pretty sure you could pick me up."

"I guess your right.." I said stopping in front of one of the couches in the living room.  "Ready? You're gonna drop onto the couch when I let go on 3."

"Okay." She said with a chuckle.

"1..2..3." I let go of her all together and she dropped down onto the couch, just like planned. She started laughing when I sat down next to her.


"How did you know that was going to work?"

"Ugh.. I kinda didn't. It was more of a... Logical understanding. I guess. I dont know." We both laughed and started talking after that. After we had been talking for a while the oven went off and we both ran into the kitchen. She sat on the island like she did before while I took the pizza out. 

"Do you want to cut it? Or do you want me to?"

"You can.. I dont cut pizza very straight if you ask Cody." I said and slid the pizza over to Luna. I handed her the pizza cutter. When she was all done cutting we both decided on having half the pizza each. We both took a piece and I sat down on the side of her on the island. We each had one piece left so I put the plate in the sink and sat down next to her again.When we were finishing up my mom walked in.

"How was work?"

"Same old. Tiring and hard."

"Did you eat anything?"

"Yeah I ate on the way home. Did you?"

"Yeah, we just finished eating pizza." Luna hopped off of the island and stood on the side of me.

"Luna, how are you and Brendan doing?"

"Oh... Not so good. Hes been lying to me a lot recently."

"Thats terrible, Im sorry to hear that. I hope everything gets better."

"Well, Im kind of thinking about breaking up with him. I kind of.. punched him in the face this afternoon."

"Why? Because he lied to you?"

"Well he was kind of already down.. But yeah thats why." She smiled to my mom.

"Why was he down already? Did he get beat up?" I nodded my head and smirked.

"I would say so." She smiled and gestured at me.

"Emmett, did you beat him up?"


"Why, what was it this time?" She sighed.

"Its a long story, Ill tell you later."

"You better." She laughed and went lay down. Luna decided it was probably time to go so she started leaving. We said out goodbyes and when she was about to walk out of the door she gave me and hug and a kiss on the cheek. I raised an eyebrow and she giggled. Then she walked away, to her car. I watched as she pulled her car out and waved. I waved back and started making my way to my room when my mom called me.

"So whats the story about the fight this time?" I told my mom all about what happened and how I was about to go call Carla.

"Well I hope everything goes well, and I'm very happy that you beat him for what he did." I laughed and got up off of her bed, making my way to my room. On my way down the hall I noticed Butch and Bruiser were out of food, so I filled their bowls up and went to my room. When I was almost there I heard their collars clinking on their glass bowls. I sat in my chair I had in my room and dialed up Carla's number. When she answered I told her everything, at first she thought it was a prank like I suspected, but when she could tell I was serious she actually started talking to me.

"So how come you asked me for help?"

"Well, I didnt want to ask someone that talked to either of them, and out of the people left, I picked you. You were the most trustworthy." I laughed lightly then asked, "So what do you think I should do?"

"Its hard to say. You could either get him to tell her, you could tell her, or you can drop hints until she figures it out."

"Thats the only options?"

"Or, since she probably wont believe you when you tell her, you can get her to like you first... Like.. Like like you."

"Well, Im going to do one of those... I just don't know which one yet. Thanks for helping me though. It really was useful."

"Yeah, your welcome. It was surprisingly not as weird to talk to you as I thought it would be."

"Thank you?"

"Whatever. Bye."

"Bye." We both hung up, that was around the time when Butch and Bruiser walked in. They hopped on my bed and laid on each a side of me. "What am I going to do?" They both put their heads on my lap. I laid back on my bed and let out a sigh. I knew what I was going to do. And I was going to start my plan tomorrow night. 



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