You're Safe With Me

Hi! I’m Celine Marie, my best friend, Kathleen Lakes and I went to a One Direction Concert. Here’s my journey:


2. Chapter Two

“We’re here!” Harry pulled into an empty parking lot and opened each door.  “Thanks Harry.” Amelia swooned and when he touched her hand she became pale.  “Hey!  Who’s there!” a light shone in all of our eyes.  “We’re just teenagers! What’s the matter?” I raised my arms in defense.  “Get in the van!  All of you!” a gun touched my head and I panicked.  “Uh... what?” I asked in shock, “You heard me! Get in the car with your friends!  Now!” I slowly walked into the grey van and stared at the only familiar faces I knew.  My family, friend and the boys.  Slowly, I cuddled into Liam and gently cried.  “What’s happening?” I looked into Liam’s chocolate eyes, “I don’t know Celine.  I’m sorry but I don’t know.” Liam looked down at my face with concern.  “I love you.” I blurted out surprised with my words, it all felt natural.  “I’m scared.  What if we’re all separated?” Demi sobbed.  “Catherine? Do you know any of them?” Alanna knew Catherine knows everything.  “The one with the gun.” Catherine’s hands trembled, “He- He’s Uncle Hector.” Catherine rolled into a ball and the van purred signaling we’re beginning to move.  “Are you sure?” I asked in disbelief.  “Payton? Are you alright?” she faced the other way not talking to anyone.  I pulled myself out of Liam’s grip and touched her shoulder turning her around.  “We’re gonna die!  Of course I’m not okay!”  Payton screamed.  “Sh. They can hear us and we don’t wanna get him angered” Sara hugged her sister and cried.  “Is it true?” Dee-Dee sobbed, “Are we gonna die?”  “It’ll be okay.  I promise.” Louis held her and everything normal even though I was slowly losing touch with reality.  I just had a gun pointed at me and it was my uncle.  This is my birthday and I’m kidnapped.  It all started sinking in.  “Liam? Are you dizzy also?” I turned around but everything seemed slow-mo-like.  “Liam?” I pushed his being that lay on the floor.  “Liam! Hello? Liam?” I cried.  “Is anyone drowsy?” Catherine asked her eyes glazed.  “Hello?  Hello? Let us out!  Let us out! Now! Help!” Spencer screamed.  “SPENCER! NO!” I watched has she fell to the van floor.  “Spencer?” Amelia touched her, “At least she’s warm.” Amelia looked up.  “SOMEONE GET US OUT OF HERE!” Harry screamed.  “Shh!  They’ll hurt us.” Catherine whispered.  “I’ll try tweeting people t help us.” Niall offered.  “Dammit!  No service.” Niall informed.  “Hey! If you don’t shut up, we’ll hurt one of you guys!” Uncle Hector’s friend threatened.  The car ride was silent, eventually Demi and Louis passed out.  Then Payton fell down banging against the back doors.  “Get out.” Hector ordered, “Please.  Don’t hurt us.” Dee-Dee whimpered out and was punched across the face.  “We entered a basement.  I could feel the cool air welcome me, hugging me and wrapping me causing my stomach to stir.  “Stay down here and don’t do any your sleeping friends wouldn’t do.” the door slammed shut.  “Uh.” I felt my body hit the cold cement ground and I heard Catherine scream.  I heard sobbing then everything went black.  “Hello?” I groggily sat up.  I turned around to look at the dark figures around me.  Everything that mattered to me lay on the floor.  Dead? Alive?  I couldn’t tell.  The sunlight shone on the floor where I once lay.  A metallic red liquid surrounded my heads resting place.  Slowly I touched it.  I didn’t feel like myself.  I wasn’t myself, I was someone else.  But who was I?  “My name is Celine Marie-Dion Parker.  I’m now 19 and my best friend is Kathleen Rose Lakes, she is 18 and we met One Direction.  My sisters are Amelia, Demetria, Alanna, Sara, Spencer, Payton, Delilah-Dean, Catherine, and Rochelle and Lauren.” I repeated it 5 times reminding me who I was.  “Where am I? I need to find that out.” I stood up and my head hung. “Try to crawl out the window.” Catherine said.  “How are you up already?” I asked, taking note a day has already passed me by.  “They never drugged me.  I wrapped your head wound also when you fell.  I think we’re near Rosewood.” Catherine slowly recalled.  “Come with me.” I whispered.  “Hell no!  I need to take care of everyone.  I know everything I need to know in an emergency.  If you want, take De-Dee.  She’s wide awake.” I looked over at the girl humming against the wall.  “Delilah-Dean?” my weak body stepped forward.  “Y-yes.” she stuttered, “Wanna come with me?” I started to pry open the window but it wouldn’t budge.  “Dammit!” I screamed in frustration forgetting my surroundings.  “Five more minuets mom.” Demi mumbled when Catherine pushed her.  “Hey! Keep it down!” Hector bellowed.  “NO! I’M GETTING OUT OF HERE! NOW!” I yelled with all of my might.  Suddenly, he stomped down the stairs.  I trembled but held my ground.  “What. Did. You. Say?” Uncle Hector gritted through his teeth, “I said, I watched you try to kill my mom.  I watched you kill Aunt Viv.  I watched you take drugs.  You kidnapped me, drugged me and are now gonna hurt me?  The police will love this.” I taunted.  “Not if you live to tell it.” he raised his voice.  “There are 15 people in this room.  Pretty sure at least on person will live.” I retaliated.  “Don’t give me ideas.” he snapped.  He slapped me across the face as his left hand punched me.  “No more outbursts from you.” he slammed the door.  “Help!” Liam screamed, “Liam, shh.  It’ll be okay.  I promise.” I rubbed his back but secretly I cried.  “No! It won’t be okay! Don’t promise anything!  You don’t know what can happen!” Payton cried out.  “God Payton!  Sometimes people need to comforted!  Don’t you have a heart?” Demi spat.  “Stop! Stop fighting!  Please! I can’t take it anymore!” a voice in the shadows spoke.  “Niall?” I hesitantly stepped towards the dark side of the room.  “No. Who’s he?” I jumped back to that remark.  “O-our friend.  Who are you?” Liam timidly piped up.  “I’m Lennay. Lennay Rhodes.” she slowly advanced toward our group.  Her blonde hair greasy and stringy.  She hasn’t showered in days and scars were all over her petite body.  “Oh my Jesus!  Here, take my protein bar, I don’t need it.” Catherine noted her bones peering out of her skin.  “Oh, you will.  I’m only fed once a week, my body’s gotten used to it.  Yours isn’t yet.” Lennay pushed Catherine’s hand back.  “Do you need burn cream, medicine, scar cream, topical cream, bandaids, rash cream, inhaler, or and drops or sprays? I got everything in my mini-portable-first-aid-kit.” Catherine digs through her ‘mini-portable-first-aid-kit‘ disguised as a purse.  “No.  I could use some painkillers.” Catherine handed Lennay two pills and a dixie cup that she poured part of her water bottle in.  “Wow.  You fit all of that in your purse?” Payton scanned inside her “purse” taking things out and putting them in.  “Yea? What’s the biggie?” Catherine shrugged and dug through and got to her iPhone.  “No signal.  Of.....course.” she held onto her sentence dragging it out of style.  “Thanks.” Lennay grinned sadly.  “How old are you?” Demi leaned in, “19.  But I was taken here when I was 15.” she looked down and wiped tears away.  “D-does this mean I’m gonna d-d-die here?” Spencer stuttered.  “Not of we can get out, I’ve practiced this route, but I always come back in fear.” she cowered.  “Where?” Amelia enthusiastic-ly woke up.  “In the corner there’s a small door I think it was used during Nazi or slave times.  If you crawl you can get to the shed and sneak out the window.” Lennay informed.  “The window, what ‘bout that?” Catherine pointed to Spencer secretly trying to creep out.  “Umm...where’s Kathy?” looked around but didn’t see my strawberry-red haired girl.  “Someone took somebody last night.  Sometimes they never come back, usually they do.” Lennay said.  I sighed in relief, Kathleen will most likely be safe!  “But.  If they do come back, they are beaten, sometimes till they pass out from it.” Lennay continued.  My heart fell.  “Let’s get movin’!” Demi pushed me towards the midget door.  “No.  I’m. Not. Leaving. Not. Without. Kathy.” I pushed back.  “How long does it usually take till they get back?” I asked with what hope I had left.  “About 12 hours.” Lennay looked down.  “My friend never came back.” tears stained her baggy oversized T-Shirt.  “Oh.” I said processing what they did to her.  Something slowly tumbled down the wooden stairs, thumping with each step.  “Kathy!” I ran over to the red hair still perfectly in place.  “I’m sorry.  I’m sorry. I’m sorry.” she wailed rocking back and forth in a ball.  “P-please don’t hurt me.” Kathleen said daze-ish.  “Flashbacks.” I slumped next to her until she came in touch with reality.  “Come here..” I opened my arms and she cried and cried and cried and cried until she had no more tears to cry with.  “Food!” Spencer rushed over to the 16 plates of rice, beans, chicken and water.  “Wait! Wait, one second.” Catherine pulled out her CA detector, HM detector and AJ detector (all food poison detectors) and tested every plate and every morsel.  “They’re safe.  Dive in!” Catherine competitively grabbed a tray and dragged to the corner.  “Wow.  Can someone say obsessive?” Dee-Dee commented under her breath grabbing her plate.  Slowly everyone awoke and reached for a plate.  “Mmm.” Harry moaned with delight.  “I’m not eating, you have it.” I handed my plate to Lennay but she rejected it.  “Here I come.” a voice bellowed a disturbingly evil laugh.  This isn’t Hector or Hector’s friend.  This is someone else...but who?

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