You're Safe With Me

Hi! I’m Celine Marie, my best friend, Kathleen Lakes and I went to a One Direction Concert. Here’s my journey:


3. Chapter Three

“Regina.” Lenay whispered as the voice inched closer with each and every step.  “Well, if it isn’t little    Lenay-Nay.” Regina’s voice slurred. “She’s drunk.  Void her.” Lenay whispered to Catherine.  “Shut up.” Regina spat.  Amelia yelped in pain, her cheek red from the recent hand slapping her.  “Don’t hurt me.         P-please.” Kathleen begged.  “Well, well, well.  If it isn’t the Annie. It sure is gonna be a “hard knock life” for you, hun.” Regina spit on Kathy and moved onto me.  “Oh look! A dumb blonde. Nice hair.  Crimps? Wave? Extension? Or natural?  So stereotypical, perfect pink nails, crimped hair, and blue eyes.  But there’s one thing you’re missing a boyfriend. Ha. Pa-the-tic.” Regina chopped up the last word.  I looked over to Liam.  “We have to get out of here.” Liam mouthed to me.  I simply shook my head.  “Look at little Mrs. Know-it-all, I can tell just by the way you look that you can remember almost everything, and notice all details.  Such a shame this memory will haunt you forever.  Unless; you take this pill. You won’t remember any of these bad memories.  Only the good, when you wake up this will all be a daze.  A far world, what do you choose?  Horrible memories you can’t take away that will haunt you, or no bad memories and no trauma?” Regina took a blue pill out of her red coat pocket.  “Uh. Umm....” Catherine trembled.  “I’ll take it.” Catherine took the pill out of Regina’s  hand and drank her water from the tray.  “Smart girl.  Smart, smart little girl.”  after a short pause she spoke, “I must be going now.  Have fun slowly dying!” Regina escorted her self upstairs and left Catherine on the floor.  “Catherine! No!” Spencer crawled over to her  and touched her hand.  “Okay.  So we sneak out through where Lenay told us it was and leave the others to go get help.” I heard Louis whisper.  The boys were in a huddle planning to save them selves or save us.  “Catherine! You idiot! I don’t know how to use this shit!  We need you, I can’t believe you did this!” I collapsed on the floor.  “Calm down, it’s okay love.” Liam rubbed my back.  “It’s not okay Liam! Our only lifeline took medicine with no telling when she’ll get up!    If she does get up!” I sobbed.  “Catherine you freaking idiot!” I screamed.  “Shut up!” a voice boomed upstairs.  “You should listen to him he’s our only lifeline Celine.  Please, calm down.  Celine, it hurts me when I see you cry.” Liam’s orbs painted lust for a moment but then clicked to survival.  “She has all of this shit and she’s the only one who knows how to use it.  All of these molds and germs and bugs who knows what can get us sick?  I can’t calm down when the know-it-all took a trip to ‘bye! Leaving you alone to die now’ village.  Catherine notices everything, and knows everything. I can’t stress that enough.  And since when did you care about me? I just met you!” I panicked.  “Calm down.” Zayn shushed me.  “No!  I can’t calm down!  Freaking Catherine left us!  Who knows when she’ll wake up? You can’t tell someone to calm the fuck down, when all of us might die!” I screamed.   “Celine.  Calm down.” Amelia whispered.  
***Later that month***
I woke up.  Day?  Night? I couldn’t tell.  Not till Hector boarded the windows closed.  All I knew was that I’m starving and Demi’s getting busy with Liam.  “Maybe if we ask...” Kathy slowly stood up.  “Ask what?” I asked.  “If we can get food.” Kathy shrugged.  “No need.  It’s right here.” Regina smiled.  She’s actually pretty nice to us.  That is, when she’s not drunk.  “Lenay?  Hector wants you and Alanna.” she walked their brittle bodies upstairs.  “Liam!” Demi moaned, I threw a pillow at her that Regina snuck under.  “Demi.  We should be trying to figure-” I lowered my voice, “out of here.”  “You’re right.” She smiled.  Tattered clothes.  Broken bones.  Broken spirits.  Broken hearts.  I thought.  Screams shattered glass upstairs.  “Guys! I just reception!” Catherine whispered.  “Call the police!” Louis whispered.  “Hello?” she asked, “We’ve just been kidnapped.  We don’t know where we are and they’re gonna hurt us.” she susurrus in the phone.  “Just get here please.” she dropped the phone and screamed.  “Help! Ow!  PLEASE STOP!” she screamed.  What is she doing?  Oh.  She’s making them get here faster.  “Shut up!” Hector’s friend screamed.  Minuets later sirens rang.

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