You're Safe With Me

Hi! I’m Celine Marie, my best friend, Kathleen Lakes and I went to a One Direction Concert. Here’s my journey:


1. Chapter One


“Hey baby, I think I wanna marry you.” Liam Payne sang pointing to me!  What?!?! OMG! Liam Payne pointed to me!  “Kathleen! This is the best birthday present ever! I’m so sorry to only got you a gift card to Pacsun for your birthday!” I said laughing as we walked outside.  “I can’t believe it!  Harry legit looked at me for six seconds!  I can’t breathe!” Kathleen waved to men in a black suit that drove a limo.  Slowly, the limo pulled up to us and Kathleen opened the door and then covered my eyes.  “Where are we?  Seriously Kathy, if this is one of your cray-cray pranks I’ll kill you.” I listened intensely to the breathing around me.  “Don’t worry.  Your safe.” an Irish accent promised, “I mean, don’t worry your safe.” the irish accent quickly changed into a fake american.  “Niall?” I asked, “Who?  My names uh- Neal.” he lied.  Suddenly the car halted.  “Harry! What are you doing?” a voice I’m sure was Louis’.  “Lou?” I asked, “What? No, I’m Luigi!” “Luigi” screamed with an Italian accent.  “And I’m Henry!” the driver said burly.  “Guys, come on!  I’m Liam, Luigi’s Louis, Neal is Niall, and Henry is Harry.  Zayn’s here also but he’s quiet.”  “Wait, so your One Direction?” I tried ripping Kathy’s hands off of my carmel eyes.  “No no no.” Kathy teased, “Um! Yes! Yes! Yes!” I finally got her hands off of my face and smiled.  “You are One Direction. Harry. Louis. Zayn. Niall. And Liam.” I breathed fixing my hair.  “One way, or another.  I’m gonna find ya.  I’m gonna getcha getcha getcha getcha. One way or another.” my phone rang.  “Let me put Demetria on speaker.  My sister loves you guys.” with a touch of my phone, her voice rang through everyone’s ears.  “Celli?  Mom wants to know when you’ll be home.  It’s way past your curfew!” Demetria’s obnoxious voice echoed throughout their car.  “Ello? This is Louis speaking, Celli will be home at 11.  Okay love?” Louis stole my phone and talked to Demetria.  “Hi Kathleen!.  Stop acting to be Lou.” Demetria said snarky-like.  “And Kathleen, you know to call me Demi.  So stop acting.” she sassed.  “I’m the real Louis Tomlinson!” ‘Luigi’ defended himself.  “Wait. Louis Tomlinson? THE Louis Tomlinson?” Demi doubted herself.  “No, Carrot Tomlinson, yes! Louis Tomlinson!” The Sass Master From Doncaster brassed.  “I love you Liam!” Demi sang.  “Thank you.  I love you too!” Liam rose, “Ahh...” after a long silence I assumed she fainted.  “Bye Demi!  Tell Payton, Rochelle, Lauren, Dee-Dee, Catherine, Amelia, Sara, Alanna, and Spencer, I say hi!” and hung up.  “So, your sisters are fans?” Harry looks back, “All except Lauren, and Rochelle.  They have no sense in music.” Kathleen butted in.  “So, where can we go thats empty?” Niall asked.  “Umm....we can go to the field down the block from my house of you want.” I said, “Sure, we can bring your sisters.” Zayn smiled.  My heart dropped, I meet One Direction and my annoying sisters are gonna be there also.  Of course.  “Uh, just how many sisters do you have?” Liam asked.  “Nine, but there are ten of us in all.” I informed him, “All of those girls were your sisters?” Louis asked surprised.  “Yep! Amelia, Demi, Payton, Rochelle, Dee-Dee, Sara, Alanna, Lauren, Spencer and me!” I said smiling.  “Wow.” Harry commented, “They got busy a lot.” Harry whispered under his breath.  “Harry!” Liam dictated but all the other boys giggled.  “It’s fine.  I don’t care.” I touched Liam’s arm and he relaxed.  “Yea!” Harry chanted.  “Let’s go pick up the girls!” Louis grinned thinking about how the girls will be all over him.  He just broke up with Eleanor so he’s gonna live a little, I suppose.  “Only the directioners.” Zayn broke his silence. “You guys are such an inspiration to me and Celine!  We love you guys so much.  All we basically talk about is you five, and Josh, and Andy, and Paul, and baby Lux, and Kevin.”  “That’s great!  We’re so happy you like us so much!” Niall smiled.  “How’d you even get this to happen Kathleen?” I pondered.  “You know how I don’t know my dad?  Well, it turns out his last name is Higgins... like Paul Higgins!  He got me these tickets and said I’ll be able to hang with the boys more often!” Kathleen beamed.  “Really?” I cried, “I’ll be able to be friends with One Direction?” I sobbed.  “Maybe.  If my dad likes me.” Kathleen looked down and then focused on One Direction.  “It’s right around the corner, turn left.” she directed Harry.  Isn’t funny how Kathleen knows the way to my house better than I do?  “Is this it?” Harry pointed to the house that was brown and white, with two floors.  “Yep.  Thanks Harry.” Kathleen said for me.  “Let me get them.” Kathleen and I said at the same time.  “Amelia!  Demi!  Catherine!  Payton! Dee-Dee! Sara!  Alanna! Spencer!  We have something for you!” I yelled echoing the house.  Slowly they all ran up or down to where me and Kathleen stood.  “Yea?” Amelia, Spencer and Payton said at the same time then they all groaned.  I guess they hate being triplets.  “Ready?” Kathleen smiled.  “Yes!” Demi glowed her hair curled and makeup all over her already almost-perfect body.  “For what?” Dee-Dee asked.  “You look great! Lets go!” Kathleen pushed them into the black limo.  “Uh...there isn’t enough room.  Some will have to sit on someone else.” Liam noted.  “Celli! You always say how much you love Liam!  Sit on his lap!” Alanna obliviously rang out.  “Yea!” Catherine grinned realizing how annoyed I was with Alanna.  “Go ahead, I dare you.” Kathleen pushed me onto Liam’s lap.  “I’m really sorry about them.” I looked behind at Liam. “I’m kinda happy it happened.” Liam whispered seductively into my ear.  I slowly felt his erm...little member rise as I got myself comfy.  “BAHAHAHAHA!” Catherine always noticed everything, nothing got past her.  “What’s so funny?” Liam played it off like nothing’s happening even though we all of us knew.  “I’m gonna sit on Catherine’s lap.” I awkwardly left Liam and his friend and plopped onto Catherine.  “I know you liked it.” she whispered lightly.  “What?” I asked innocently “His One Erection.” Catherine giggled. “Why would you even be looking there?  Pervert much?” I elbowed her stomach and she moaned. 

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