When Emiliana's and Louis' child suddenly gets diagnosed with a life-threatening disease, how will their family react?

With Louis and the boys on tour, Brynn finally pregnant and Emiliana with an incoming child, how will they cope with it all? Emiliana and Brynn couldn't be closer. Both their hormonal emotions, learning to work with each other. When Brynn is sad, Em is, when shes happy, Em is.

How will the boys react to Harry's big news?

Niall's struggling with himself, what will he do next?


8. Welcome Darcy Styles

Harry`s P.O.V  

We were in the emergency room...again! When are we not here? I was so worried right now. I just hope Brynn will be out of pain soon and baby Darcy will be healthy. My heart was bouncy up down like crazy! I watched everymove that everyone made as they moved Brynn onto the bed. I went right to her side. 

"Exuse me sir? Are you the father?" A tiny nurse asked me. I looked back at Brynn who managed to give a weak smile. I smiled back. I am so proud of her. I nodded still looking at Brynn. "Yah..uhm..I am the father." I switched glances over to her after grabbing Brynn`s hand. She scribbled something on to her notepad and left the room. 

Brynn pulled my hand towards her and I followed. I was as close to her as I could be. The poles to the bed were almost inside my stomach, but I didn`t care. I leaned over and kissed the top of her head. I could tell she was still in some pain but the medicine she was given was working. 

"You are so strong.. you know that." I mumbled. I stared into her dark brown eyes. "Well it hurts alot Harry.." I winced. I hate hearing or seeing if she is in pain. I want to stop it. I want to help. 

"Babe you are attached to 14 needles...You hate needles.. Trust me your stong. And I am so Proud of you." I kissed her on the lips and when we pulled away she placed my hands on her stomach. I felt a kicking motion on my palm and my mouth gaped open. I felt tears come into my eyes, This was such a happy moment. 

"That`s her!" I looked up at Brynn who was crying as well. I rubbed her tear away and she closed her eyes shut and moaned. 

"Yah that`s the sound! Are you ready to have a baby..Mrs.Styles?"the doctor came into the room putting on her gloves. She said Mrs.styles...I liked it. 

"As long as I can help." She laughed and patted my back. "He is a keeper!" She said to Brynn. I smiled then stood right next to Brynn as Em raced in with a coat on. 

"I am here! Now she can deliever!" She screamed. The doctor gave Brynn instructions on how to breathe and push.. My hand was about to break until the room was filled with a babies cry. 

Louis`s P.O.V 

My leg wouldn`t stop shaking. Why was it taking so long? I wish I could be in there! I started to play with my hands trying not to notice the fans walking around the outside of the hospital. I look up to find Niall running in. I get up and stop him from going through the emergency room doors. 

"Dammit Lou is she okay?" I pulled him back and sat him down. 

"She is having her baby Niall. Relax." He looked shocked and stared at me. He sighed. 

"I have to tell her today.."  

"Niall.." He cut me off 

"Louis....I told Harry I had to have a talk with Brynn about how I feel about her.. It didn`t end well. He doesn`t want her to know. But I have to tell her. He can`t stop me." Right before I could say anything Harry came through the doors and Niall and I stood up. 

He had tears in his eyes and his hands were held together. He looked up at me and smiled. "Darcy is here." I gave him a hug and so did the other 4 boys. I am glad they were all here. I laughed a little still thinking Brynn`s parents still had no clue about this. 

Everyone said congratulations and Harry went back into the room when Em came out. 

I kissed her so hard. I dont care about PDA I was proud of her. Of us. 

"I can`t believe it Lou! My best friend just had a baby!" Tears of happiness fled her face. I kissed her head and held her in my arms. "I am proud of you babe!"I told her and she kissed me again. We were interupted but the doors opening again. Brynn was fully walking. How long has it been? I looked over at the clock...It was tomorrow. Wow.. Time flies when your having fun! hahaha no? Okay.  

Brynn walked out and Harry was glued to her side. He was carrying a rolled up blanket. As he came closer to our circle I saw some feet sticking out the end. Harry passed the baby over to Brynn and wouldn`t stop looking at Darcy. 

They stopped in front of us and Brynn pushed the blanket out of the babies face. Everyone gasped in aww. My breath was taken away. She had the perfect mixture of Harry and Brynn. She had Bright green orbs and Brynn`s tinted pink lips. She was the tiniest baby too. 

"Everyone..This is Darcy." Harry smiled and wrapped one arms around Brynn. He kissed her cheek and they both smiled down on there baby. I couldn`t help but smile too. They were the perfect family. Em pulled Brynn away from the crowd and they both started to play with the baby. I patted Harry`s back and we all congragulated him. Execpt for Niall who was walking towards Brynn and Em. 

"Niall back the hell away from her and my kid." Harry yelled. It`s good thing we were the only ones in the room. Harry pushed through the boys and I and pushed Niall to the wall with one arm. He stared at him like an angry bull. He was about to beat him to death. Zayn and Liam pulled Harry off of Niall and I Grabbed Em and Brynn into my arms. 

Thankfully Darcy was still a newborn and asleep. I didn`t want her to see this first impression of her father. 

"Harry. Stop! Don`t hurt him!" Brynn yelled out. Harry didn`t look away. 

Niall`s P.O.V 

I knew he would do that. But I didn`t think the boys would help me. I looked at Brynn who was nervously staring at Harry. I noticed the baby but didn`t want to look at her. It hurt to much. 

"I just want to talk to Brynn..." I said looking at Brynn. 

"Not a chance..." 

"Fine let`s take a walk." Brynn cut off Harry and walked out the hospital. She left Darcy with Harry so he couldn`t charge at me. 

~5 minutes of walking later~ 

"What`s wrong Niall? You haven`t been yourself...You haven`t been my Ni Ni." We both laughed and we both stared at our feet while we walked. I stopped and turned her shoulders towards me. 

"Look I am going to say it all once just to get it out..." She looked at me and nodded with a worried smile.  

"I know you love Harry, I see it when you look at him. When you told me you were pregnant the light in your eyes...were un describable...and I am not trying to change that.. I want the best for you. your life. I thought it`s time for you to know...I broke up with Kristen because of you.. She wanted to make love with me..and I tried...My hardest. But I couldn`t do it. All I could think about is you....It`s not your fault just mine...for not telling you that....that.." I took a breath and with each word I took a step closer to her. 

"That I am.." 







step. I couldn`t step anycloser. Our breathes were felt against our faces. Her face hasn`t changed since the moment I started talking. She almost looked scared. I grabbed her waist and pushed it against mine. My other hand cupped her jawline. I stared into both eyes. She stared back into mine. Our lips skimmed eachothers. You could feel everylip movement on eachothers.  

"In love with you." I whispered before I carefully pressed my lips to hers. The longer I stayed there the more forcful I became. I couldn`t tell if she was kissing back but she wasn`t pulling away. I pulled apart our lips and gently kissed her lips one last time quickly. 

I looked into her eyes...she just stood there speechless. I was still holding her when she finally made contact with me. She kissed my cheek and gave a weak smile. 

"Cmon Nialler.. Let`s start over k?" She held out her hand and I grabbed it. we started walking back to the hospital just like we were.. Best friends.. It felt perfect. Everything was now falling into place. 

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