When Emiliana's and Louis' child suddenly gets diagnosed with a life-threatening disease, how will their family react?

With Louis and the boys on tour, Brynn finally pregnant and Emiliana with an incoming child, how will they cope with it all? Emiliana and Brynn couldn't be closer. Both their hormonal emotions, learning to work with each other. When Brynn is sad, Em is, when shes happy, Em is.

How will the boys react to Harry's big news?

Niall's struggling with himself, what will he do next?


2. The Call

Brynn`s P.O.V 

"What doesn't kill you makes you stronger! Stand a little taller!" I sang along to the loud music playing from the kitchen radio. I had a bowl in my hands and was dancing while I was stirring the pancake mix. Yes I know, We have pancakes a lot! 

"Someone is happy this morning." I turned around and saw Harry only in a pair of sweats staring at me. I smiled at him a little embarrassed at my dancing. I was in a good mood. Maybe because I finally get to go home, to see my family with Harry. 

I noticed the music became louder when Teenage Dirtbag came on. I looked at Harry over my shoulder as I continued to stir. He gave a slight smirk and started dancing as well. 

"What? I like this song."  

I laughed as we both sang along as loud as we could and danced like complete idiots. I tried to put the bowl in the microwave but Harry was blocking me. Every time I would move to get to there he would move his body infront of me. 

"Harry! Do you want to eat or not?" I saw him roll his eyes like he was thinking. I rubbed my belly. 

"Think of Darcy." He quickly moved and I put the batter into the microwave. I gasped as his arms wrapped around my waist and pulled me off the ground. The song was still going and Harry was still dancing but now with me. 

"Harry turn down the music the phone is ringing." He walked over to the radio and turned it off. I could tell he was out of breath. 

"Hello?" I answered the phone to find Niall`s voice. 

"Brynn, Have you seen Em and Tommo? They were supposed to pick me up by now to get to the airport." I looked at the time. 

"Yah they said they would be there by now.... Well give them some time more. They...uhm...might be in traffic." I hope he bought that. There was no traffic at this hour. 

"Yeah, okay. I will call you later Brynn. Bye!" I hung up the phone and leaned against the kitchen counter. I could tell Harry was staring at me but I was to busy thinking. Where could they be? They are never late. Maybe I was right. Maybe it was just traffic. 

"Everything okay babe?" 

"Huh? Oh yeah.. uhm... Niall hasn't heard from Em yet. I am starting to get a little worried." He walked over to me and caught me by surprise with a hug. 

"Oh come on. They are probably fine. We would be the first they would call." I nodded as Harry kissed my nose. He walked out of the kitchen to get dressed. 

He did comfort me though. I was positive that if anything bad happened we would know. Then my cell phone buzzed. I took a deep breath expecting it to be Niall. 


Harry`s P.O.V 

I was finishing up the packing for the trip. I mean we probably had the most luggage. I grabbed a t-shirt hanging from the rack and fixed my hair. I was actually one to like mornings. 

I heard a cell phone buzz and I looked at mine. The screen was completely black. I hear mumbling from the kitchen and realize it was Brynn`s phone. I zipped up the last suitcase and made my way downstairs

I really hope this trip will be okay. What I really hope is that her parents will be happy for us. My thoughts stopped. 

"AHHHHH OH MY GOD NO NO NO NO NO!" I ran out of the bedroom. 

"BRYNN BRYNN WHAT`S WRONG? ARE YOU HURT?" I was out of breath and my heart was pounding. I found Brynn with the phone held tightly in her grip. Tears were streaming down her face and even from a distance I could tell she was shaking. 

She ran over to me and held my arms. Now she really was shaking. I tried stroking her hair to calm her down. But right now nothing would. 

"Em....Em.. and Louis.....Got in a car crash...." My life stopped. All I could think about were if they were okay. Looking at Brynn I didn't think it was just a broken bumper. 

"a....an...and......They are in the hospital right no...now... the doctor s...says...Em ..is ...hurt.." After she got out those words I took her hand in mine and dashed out the door. We both knew exactly what to do. While I drove to the hospital Brynn updated Nialler. 

I just hope Em is okay. What about Louis? Was he okay? She never said anything about him so he must be fine. Was he the one driving? All these questions I wanted to ask but seeing Brynn like this I just wanted to comfort her. I took her hand in my right while my left held the steering wheel. 

"Shhh...It will be alright." I whispered to her in between her sobs. I could feel some tears in my eyes as well. Please.. Please Be Alright! 

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