When Emiliana's and Louis' child suddenly gets diagnosed with a life-threatening disease, how will their family react?

With Louis and the boys on tour, Brynn finally pregnant and Emiliana with an incoming child, how will they cope with it all? Emiliana and Brynn couldn't be closer. Both their hormonal emotions, learning to work with each other. When Brynn is sad, Em is, when shes happy, Em is.

How will the boys react to Harry's big news?

Niall's struggling with himself, what will he do next?


7. She is coming!

Em`s P.O.V 

My eyes opened when I heard the doorbell ring. I looked around and saw Brynn squished in the corner of the couch sleeping. Did I take that much space? I hit the side of her hip and walked to the door. I heard her moan and she started to stretch. 

I answered the door and saw Harry and Louis. Oh my god I forgot Brynn had to leave. I didn`t want her to leave, we were having so much fun being together again. I mean wasn`t that the point in the first place? Why we moved to london, to be together. 

I started to close the door in the faces before a force pulled it back open. 

"Uh uh! Brynn has got to go home babe." Louis`s hand pulled the door all the way open and they both walked in the house. I walked behind them and I screamed when Louis quickly turned around and threw me over his shoulder. 

"Lou! Put me down! Lou!" Everyone was laughing at us now. I was finally put down and saw Brynn laying on Harry`s lap. He was playing with pieces of her hair and stroking her cheek. 

"Em... What did you do to her?" Harry didn`t look up when he asked. He just continued to comfort Brynn. I scuffed my heels. 

"I believe she died of Laughter..." Harry then looked up with a face that looked like he thought I was crazy. I gave him the same look back and we both laughed.  Brynn slowly woke up. 

"Why are you two home early?" She barely got to say before she yawned. Harry moved a piece of her hair away from her face and behind her ear. 

"The other team was disqualified half way into the game." Lou sighed and put his hands into his pocket. "Yah what a bunch of cunts." I slapped his arm and shushed him. 

"Don`t curse..the kids are right upstairs." He smirked and we both sat down on the chair. I made myself comfortable infront of him with his legs wrapped around mine. 

I looked over at Harry and Brynn who were as well cuddling. I can`t wait until they have the baby. To see them as a family. 

"So did you hear the baby`s name?" Lou whispered into my ear but they heard that. I could tell because they were now staring at us. I nodded my head and looked at Lou. 

"Darcy Styles." They both smiled and Brynn hid her head in Harry`s chest. He kissed the top of her head still smiling. Why can`t the baby come any sooner? 

I felt Lou rub his hands up and down my arms and rested his head on my shoulder. This was so comforting. All of us together relaxed and happy. 

"Darcy Styles......darcy darcy darcy...." Louis kept whispering. Harry chuckled. Brynn jerked her body foward and held her stomach. She winced in pain and Harry immediately held her back and held her close to him. 

"Brynn, Brynn are you alright?Babe?" She started to breathe heavy.

"Uhmm yah.. I am.. fine..." She tried to get out between breaths.

"Brynn, Do you need to go to the hospital? Is th baby coming?" We were all on the edge of th couch staring at Brynn who was in pain. She looked up at Harry and he stared back right into her eyes. 

He nodded."Lou get the car." Harry said to Louis but didn`t look at him. Brynn screamed in pain and held her stomach tighter. I was in full panic now.

Harry stood Brynn up and walked her out to the car. I helped hold her up on the other side. I went in and got the kids, rushing back out into the car. We got into the car and memories flowed back into my head. Lou looked into the mirror and smiled at me. He was feeling memories too. I smiled back and started to comfort Brynn, who was looking at the sleeoy twins and a panicky Nash.

The whole ride to the hospital I was thinking.... Was I ready to see my best friend with a baby? Memories flashed back to me when she was in middle school with me. When we were attached by the hip. We did everything together. We fought alot..But that made us stronger. Seeing her now with Harry. Is what I always wanted for her. But as I kept thinking..She was going to have a whole new life.... But it was the best life for her. 

My thoughts stopped and I went into sister mode as we wheeled in Brynn through the emergency room doors. 


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