When Emiliana's and Louis' child suddenly gets diagnosed with a life-threatening disease, how will their family react?

With Louis and the boys on tour, Brynn finally pregnant and Emiliana with an incoming child, how will they cope with it all? Emiliana and Brynn couldn't be closer. Both their hormonal emotions, learning to work with each other. When Brynn is sad, Em is, when shes happy, Em is.

How will the boys react to Harry's big news?

Niall's struggling with himself, what will he do next?


10. Remember Me?

~3rd person point of view~ 

It has been a month since Niall`s attempt. Each of the boys have been visiting the hospital  to see Niall, The doctors say Niall`s progress is progressing and should be ready to leave whenever he would like. Niall wants to leave but none of the boys or doctors told them that Brynn has to come and visit for the final test.

Liam, Harry, and Louis were with Niall at the hospital while Zayn and Em were at Brynn`s house to bring her to the hospital as well. 


Brynn`s P.O.V 

"Morning sunshine!" I giggled as I reached for Darcy in her crib. I cradled her in my arms and kissed the top of her forehead. She yawned and stretched out her tiny arms. Just looking at her reminds me of Harry. Even though everyone says she looks like me I don`t see it. 

But I can already tell after only a month she was a daddy`s girl. Harry would do anything for Darcy with a bat of an eyelash. I switched Darcy into one of my arms and walked to the kitchen. Speaking of Harry he wasn`t here this morning. I assume he would leave a note in the kitchen like he usually would if he had a meeting with management or a concert. 

"Let`s see....Where is daddy?" I sat darcy up on the counter and Lucy jumped up to join Darcy. I looked around the counter and didn`t find a single note from Harry. He always left a note. That`s weird. 

I turned around to pick up Darcy but Lucy was the only one there. She was cleaning her paws and totally clueless on the missing person who was next to her. 

"Darcy?" I yelled and then saw Em in her Pj`s holding Darcy and cooing at her. I sighed and she looked up at me. 

"What? Can`t I hold my god daughter?" She spoke and I let out a relieved laugh. I turned to the fridge and got out some baby food. I wasn`t shocked to see Em in my house because her and Zayn spent the night. I didn`t really understand why, But Harry said just to go with it and since I was up all night with Darcy the night before..Last night was a haze. 

"So Em.. Do you know where Harry went this morning?" I spun around with the baby food jar in hand and saw a half naked Zayn walking toward us. 

"He had to go somewhere, But we will meet up with him after breakfast." His husky morning voice was what can I say... Just plan sexy. 

"Close your mouth babe." Em coughed and sat down at the table with zayn still shirtless. I closed my mouth and sat Darcy in her hieght chair. I sat down and tried to twist the jar open but it wouldn`t budge. 

"I got it love." Zayn took the jar from my hands and opened it effortlessly. I smiled shyly. Yes I know that I wasn`t strong but he was just showing off. 

He stood up from his chair and picked it up. The chair landing infront of mine so I couldn`t reach Darcy. 

"I got this too." He winked and took the spoon in the jar. I sighed and told him thank you. I was so exhasted. We all started laughing as Zayn made silly faces to try to get Darcy to eat. She would constantly giggle as well. She loved all the boys to death as well. I think they liked her as well. 

Em`s phone buzzed and she answered it amediantly still laughing.. 


She hung up and ran to my bedroom. A couple seconds later she came out in an adorable outfit..that looked...LIKE MINE! 

"That looks familar!" I laughed she didn`t respond to my comment though. 

"Zayn, Lou says it`s time for Brynn." I was so confused.. 

"Is Liam with the twins and ash?" Em nodded and grabbed the car keys. "Wha..." Is all I could say before Zayn grabbed my wrist and pulled me into the living room. He pulled on a shirt and looked into my eyes. 

"Brynn, It`s time for you to see Niall again." My world stopped turning for a moment. Niall. Everything came flooding back. How could I have forgot about Niall. He was my best friend from the band. 

"I...I....I am not ready for this..." I mumbled. Zayn kept looking at me. 

"Brynn, He is okay now. Your just the final test okay? We will be here for him and you." I nodded. 

"What about Darcy? I can`t take her with me.." 

"Liam is coming here with Em`s kids." Before I could respond Zayn pulled me out of the Cabin and we were on our way.  

Harry`s P.O.V 

I really hope this works out well. I don`t want Niall hurting himself or Brynn getting hurt. 

Louis and I were sitting in Niall`s room just chatting. Even though we were having a regular conversation, I still couldn`t keep my mind straight.

I looked over at Louis and he did the same. We both had a worried expression. He gave a nod and that meant we had to start the test. The nurse gave us a pep talk this morning on how we should introduce Brynn into the situation. It was stupid, But as long as it works we will try it. 

"So, Nialler. How are you feeling mate?" His expression was puzzled. He gave a simple nod. The boys and I decided to clear Niall`s memory from the night the attempt happend. Which was also the night Darcy was born. Just for his saftey and for my families.

I cleared my throat. "Do you remember Brynn?" I asked rather quietly. I was a bit scared of his reaction. I didn`t want him to throw a fit at the sound of her name. 

He looked up from his hands and started to breathe heavy. My head turned to Louis. We were both confused and didn`t know what to do. 

His breathing slowed as the door opened. 

Niall`s P.O.V 

Brynn...Brynn...Why was that name so familar. Wait. Her. Brown hair, dark brown eyes, pale skin.... We met at Nando`s with her best friend, Em. Who was Louis`s wife. Everything was coming back now. My thoughts stopped as someone walked through the door. 

Brynn. It was her. My eyes darted all over her body. The memories of the day I spent with her at her house. When it was just us. 

Her gaze was straight on me. She lifted her hand and started to play with the ends of her loose curls. I bit my lip. I wanted to say something to her but the room was tense, that made me think there was something wrong. 

"H....H...How are you Niall?" She stuttered out. Her eyes flickered from me to Harry. Harry was set on her and only her. Oh right. They were dating. I felt the pain come into me. The jelaousy. I looked back up to her and the pain was gone. 

"Same as always..Brynn Bear." She gave me a wide smile and I gave the gesture back. She started to bounce towards me. I met her half way and gave her a hug. The smell of her perfume relaxed me. She pulled away making me alittle upset. 

"So you remember me?" She held her hands together, hanging. Her eyes sparkled with joy. I nodded.  

"So when is that baby of yours due?" I asked. Which I regret. 

Brynn`s P.O.V 

My smile faded. Wait. What did he just say? I looked at him still trying to gather my thoughts. Did he mean Darcy? He was there when Darcy was born. It was been a month since. 

Anger burst inside me and Niall noticed as he became concerned. He doesn`t have a clue what is going on. My eyes shot at Harry and Louis. Tears were about to pour out. My voice was crackling. 

"Please tell me you didn`t do this to him." I looked at Louis first who was staring at the floor and then switched to Harry. They both looked guilty.  

"Louis, Harry can I speak to you outside?" I gave Niall a reassuring nod, indicating that I would be back. I walked out the door and saw two boys leaning against the wall. I crossed my arms infront of my chest and looked at both of them. Both had there heads down. 

"Tell me you did not clear is freaking memory." Louis was the first to look up. His face was full of shame and forgivness, which was incredibly sexy. But I ignored it with all the anger that was inside me. 

"Brynn, we thought it would be safer for Niall and you." The whole time he was talking I was staring at Harry. Still not making eye contact. 

"Why wouldn`t you tell me?" Louis knew I wasn`t talking to him right now. I knew Em would find out and I have a feeling she will feel the same way as me. It would not be pretty for Louis. 

"I knew you would say no. I wanted to keep you safe...." Harry`s emerald eyes glittered up at me. I relaxed a bit and stared back at him. 

"Besides, He didn`t lose all of his memory. Just of the day the accident happened." 

"Which was the day Darcy was born." We both said together. I looked behind Harry and saw Em and Zayn with Niall in his room laughing. He does look happier now. I guess it was for the best. 

I gave a small smile and Louis nudged my shoulder. "I am going to check in on the kids with Liam. Meet you there?" Harry and I nodded and when Louis was gone I embraced him in a hug. 

"I love you Brynn and I won`t let anyone hurt you." I sighed into his shoulder and watched Em, Zayn and Niall all stare at each other in a circle. 

Harry squeezed me tighter and I let out a slight giggle. I missed him alot too. I kept looking at them through the window. Em walked over to Zayn and their lips collided. I let out a gasp then shut my mouth. Thankfully Harry didn`t hear. Harry pulled away from the hug and grabbed my hand into his as we walked to our car. 

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