When Emiliana's and Louis' child suddenly gets diagnosed with a life-threatening disease, how will their family react?

With Louis and the boys on tour, Brynn finally pregnant and Emiliana with an incoming child, how will they cope with it all? Emiliana and Brynn couldn't be closer. Both their hormonal emotions, learning to work with each other. When Brynn is sad, Em is, when shes happy, Em is.

How will the boys react to Harry's big news?

Niall's struggling with himself, what will he do next?


14. Double Trouble

Brynn`s P.O.V 

I sat on the couch with Em and all the kids. We were vaguely watching the cartoon on the tv but it was still entertaining. Both of Em and My eyes shifted from the tv as the boys walked out from the hall. They were all dressed up in nice suits and ties, execpt Harry he was in a bowtie. 

"oooooooohhhhh! Sexy boys yeah?" Em nudged my elbow, Both of our eyes never left the boys infront of us. 

"Yeah! Arn`t we lucky." I chimed in. Harry winked and walked over to me. His body hovered over mine and his lips met my ear. 

"I think I`m the lucky one." He kissed my lips and I was sad when he pulled away. I stared into his dark green eyes and he smirked. 

"I`ll be back tonight." He gave a quick wink. I saw Louis saying goodbye to Em and his kids then walking with the rest of the boys out the door. 

Em and I looked over at each other and sighed. I started to laugh and Em joined me as well. 

"Who would of thought we would be the luckiest girls in the world?" Em whispered to me then looked at the twins and nash that were sleeping on the floor now. 

"Off to bed they go..." Em picked up each kid. "Then we can have girl time!" she carried the kids off to bed and I run to the kitchen and grab the nutella. GIRLS NIGHT! 

Harry`s P.O.V 

We all took a seat at the bar and ordered a drink. Everyone was silent. I sat inbetween Louis and Zayn, and Niall sat next to Louis. We both knew Louis would be the first to throw a punch. That`s why we are here though. To make sure that does not happen. 

None of us were talking at all. So I nudged Louis and he cleared his throat. All of us sat up more. 

"Zayn, there is a reason I invited you hear." Lou talked quitely. Just enough for everyone to hear. 

"And what`s the reason?"  My head turned from Zayn back to Louis. 

Lou took a deep breath and began to talk. "I want to get something straight mate. Your one of my best friends, we are in a band together and I care about you....." 

"But when you mess with my girl, or my family. Things get serioius." I glanced over at Zayn and he looked caught off gaurd. 

"Lou, We were just messing around.. " Lou stood up from his chair and stared down Zayn. 

"No! My love life is nothing to mess around with. She means the world to me and I thought you respected that." Louis shouted. Niall looked around making sure no one was watching. 

"Lou, She decided to help me. this was not my choice... I was just enjoying it.." Louis tried to charge at zayn and he was now screaming. Niall and I grabbed Louis by each arm and held him back. 

"You can`t have her! You can`t love her." Louis yelled between his teeth. 

"Zayn I suggest you get your feelings straight.." Niall yelled over to Zayn. 

"Oh really? Niall? Your one to talk! You were the one sleeping with Brynn on the plane!" My eyes widened. I couldn`t believe what Zayn just said. Niall would never do that too me.. all eyes were now on me. I glared at Niall. 

"Niall... You slept with my fiance`?" I said through clenched teeth. As I glared at him more my fists started to clench. I walked closer to Niall as he backed away. 

"It`s not what it sounds like.." Niall pulled his hands up in mercy. 

"Oh really? It sounds pretty clear to me!" I was centimeters away from Niall`s face. I couldn`t clench my fists harder. 

"Harry, we didn`t do anything... She was just lonely.." 

My breathing became heavy and that moment I couldn`t control my emotions. That second I just reacted.... I didn`t realize what I did until Louis and Zayn started yelling and pulling me out of the bar. I was outside and everything came back.. 

Did I just punch Niall....No...I ... I.. Everything was racing in my mind. 

"Harry what the Hell was that?" Louis yelled in my face. I felt tears run down my face and I instantly pulled out my car keys and drove back to the hotel. 

Brynn`s P.O.V 

Em was passed out on the couch and I was still up unable to sleep. I don`t know why but I feel like something bad has happened. Not to my family, Darcy or Harry. Just something bad has happend. I don`t know to who. I tried to clear my mind, relaxing. 

I heard the door slam shut and saw Harry`s dark figure come out of the hall. He looked upset, almost like he has been crying. 

"Harry? are you okay?" He rushed up to me and wrapped his arms around his waist and started to kiss me. I pulled him away. 

"Harry what is wrong?" He looked me in the eyes and they looked red. 

"I just need you right now... You will find out later..." He continued to kiss me and My mind raced. I have a feeling he had to do with my bad feeling...






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