When Emiliana's and Louis' child suddenly gets diagnosed with a life-threatening disease, how will their family react?

With Louis and the boys on tour, Brynn finally pregnant and Emiliana with an incoming child, how will they cope with it all? Emiliana and Brynn couldn't be closer. Both their hormonal emotions, learning to work with each other. When Brynn is sad, Em is, when shes happy, Em is.

How will the boys react to Harry's big news?

Niall's struggling with himself, what will he do next?


4. Confessing

Louis`s P.O.V 

I haven't said a word since we got the news. I just sat in the chair looking out the window across from me. Em just sobbed to herself and looked at her hands. I heard the room door open but neither Em or I looked. It`s not that we don`t want visitors. It`s just we couldn't look at anyone in the eyes. Our lives were falling apart..and it's all my fault. If I payed attention to the road then we would of never been there and these things wouldn't be a problem. 

"Brynn's here." I heard Harry's raspy voice and knew he was crying before he came in. I can't get the picture out of my head of his face when I told him the news. I lifted my head and saw Brynn standing uncomfortably looking at Em. 

Em was still looking at her hands. She was laying in a bed with blankets covering her body up to her chest. She had a few cuts and bruises but nothing major. 

"So...uhm...are you..okay?" Brynn was struggling to get out that sentence. I could tell as she shifted on her feet she was trying to hold in the tears. After a couple moments pasted without Em answering I continued to look out the window. 
"Em." I harshly whispered. Her head shot up and didn`t bother to look at me. She looked directly at Brynn. 

"Yah. I am fine. Thanks."  

"Are you going to tell me what the hell is going on? Are you going to tell me why you have gained some weight since the last time I saw you? Or are you going to start with the fact that you and Louis are acting like complete strangers? Which ever it is, I think I should have the right to know because apparently everyone else knows." Brynn spat out. Harry smirked at the floor and she balanced on one leg then standing up straight. 

I could tell he wanted to laugh at Brynn`s sass, so did I but now was not the time. I turned my body towards the two and put my elbows on my knees leaning foward. 

"Brynn, Em is pregnant." She sighed and came over to sit on the bed with Em.  

"I could tell the moment I walked in. Congrats girlie." She bumped her shoulder playfully and the both smiled. I love Em's smile. It lit up my world. 

"But that doesn't explain why everyone is so upset. You guys just have some cuts and bruises......." She thought for a moment and stared into Em`s bright brown eyes. "Hows the baby?" 

I could hear Em take a deep breath and finally noticed me sitting in the corner. She gave me a weak smile and grabbed my hand. It felt so good to feel her touch again. 

"Uhm..the doctor said the baby is alive and healthy.....but there might have been some damage. It's too early to tell. We have to wait until the delivery of the baby." Was I crying? Again? I am such a mess right now. Em was being so strong through out it. I know she hates surprises so this must be killing her. 

The two best friends hugged and Brynn said she was so sorry. 

"How long have you known?" Em rubbed her belly and thought. Her glow was back. She didn't look sad anymore. I could tell she was recovering. All she needed was Brynn. Brynn always made her feel better. 

"I actually just found out last night." She gave me a quick wink and I rubbed the palm of her hand. 

Harry stood close to Brynn as she got down from the bed. He held his arms out ready to save her if she fell. It`s just a bed. why was he being so protective? 

She got down from the bed and Harry hugged her from behind. Something was defintley up between them. 

"So do you want a girl or a boy?" Harry mumbled as his head rested on Brynn`s shoulder. Em looked at me and I chuckled. 

"We actually haven't talked about that in the last 24 hours Harry...But! It doesn't matter to me." 

"Really?" Brynn looked at Em in disbelief. 

"Yah.. I mean you have no idea what it feels like to be pregnant...Once you are you will understand." I walked over while Em was talking and sat next to her with my arm slinged around her shoulders. 

Harry smirked and kissed Brynn`s cheek. "Yah.. Your probably right." Brynn laughed and she walked out of the room. Harry stuck around to chat with us to arrange another date for our Florida trip.  

Brynn`s P.O.V 

I walked out of the room and gave Zayn a huge hug. 

"What are you doing here?" He was wearing sweat pants and his hair was how I liked it quiff-ed  I don't know...it's just attractive to me. 

"Well... Niall texted me everything that happened and that Em and Lou were kinda upset..." I nodded. Thank god that was taken care of. " So.. I decided to bring a special visitor." 

I looked at him confused as he picked up the bag he was holding in his hand. It was pretty big and dark black. He zipped it open and Lucy`s tabby head popped out. 

I gasped. "Lucy! Awwww Zayn! She will love to see my cat." He handed her to me and I cradled her in my arms. 

"Wait...How did you get into my house?" He smiled and clapped his hands together. 


"Zayn! You stole a key didn't you?" I laughed as I said it just made me laugh at what he does for us. I love him. 

"It was under the mat. I had to!" We both laughed and I gave him another hug. I missed him a lot. He used to be my favorite of one direction. But now he is my really good friend. 

"So how is your new family going?" I kept petting Lucy and she purred. I looked up and he was smiling with every word he said. 

"She is great! I have never been more happy. I think I have finally found the one." 

"Awww.. Zayn." He looked around the hall. He was such a shy boy. "I am glad your happy though." We gave each other a huge hug and I went back into the room and showed Lucy to Em. 

Lucy took a cat nap on Em`s lap and the doctor said we could go home whenever we would like. We were all ready to leave this hell hole. 

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