I Wish I Knew The Answer ~ Liam Fanfic

Harley and Cayletta have had a rough past. After high school, they moved from their hometown (Seattle) to the big city of Los Angeles. all they took was one suitcase each and two concert tickets. That concert will change their lives for the better, but will their pasts come back to haunt them and threaten their new lives?
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2. On Pitch

Im SOOO sorry guys. 

Life has been Craaaazy. My grandfather died, so I'm sorry about not updating. The Last "chapter" was EXTREMELY short, so I'm going to call that a prologue. I will try to update more often, now that I'm on spring break. Pweese don't hate me! I have nothing against Danielle or Payzer, I love them together and they should have sexyfull children.

Did you hear about those crazy so-called directioners who crashed Greg's wedding? Seriously WTF!?

Ok I'm done now :3



Harley's POV


We were in our own little bubble, ripped from reality, processing what had just happened. For once, I was speechless. Cayletta came out of shock before I did and shook my shoulders. I instantly snapped to attention as my brain registered out situation.

"HOLY SHIZZLE!" I screamed, doing my happy dance. I shoved the backstage pass in Cayletta's face. "Do you know how much awesomeness this slip of paper contains?! DO YOU?!?" I yelled, still dancing. Cayletta laughed at my craziness. What can I say? I'm a carefree person.

"YES I DO." Cayletta shouted in return. "It's about time I meet my future husband!"

Just as I had predicted, we won the poster contest. I think I cut the circulation of the the guy who gave us our passes, because I smothered him in a bear hug (even though I was half his size). For about ten minutes I stared at the pass, until the full effect hit me. 

After Cayletta and I finished our screaming fest, The familiar notes of Over Again played. Liam beautifully started the song, but I could tell something was wrong by his eyes. I just wiped that thought away, thinking it was just the lighting. 

The song was almost over as Zayn sang his solo. He finished, and Liam took a deep breath at started singing, "If you're..." But he was off pitch. I think he realized that too, and he looked at Zayn who sang his solo for him. I knew something was wrong. I looked into his deep brown eyes, hoping he would look my way. 


And then, he did.

I smiled at him, letting him know that I was here for him. I may be constantly crazy, but I do have a sweet side. 


Niall called Liam's name, and the trance was broken.


Liam's POV {starting from same time frame as Harley}


The songs had gone pretty well, and I was suprised that I hadn't broken down in tears at songs like, "I Would." Zayn sang his solo in Over Again, and soon it was my turn. I inhaled deeply and placed my voice.

"If you're..." I started singing. I was under pitch. I looked at Zayn and mouthed, I can't do it. He nodded and finished my solo.

I knew this would happen at this song, and the lyrics of my solo didn't hep either. "If you're pretending from the start, like this..." Was she always pretending? Did she ever love me? It took me all I had to keep my tears from overflowing. I looked around the crowd, and my brown eyes locked on a hazel pair. The gave me a small smile, as if to encourage me.

"Liam!" Niall called. I turned my head towards Niall, reluctantly breaking my gaze with the mystery girl. "We're starting the next song." 

Through the rest of the concert, my spirits here back to normal. Whenever Danielle poked into my mind, I pushed her out with the though of the smile that girl gave me. I have to find her, to thank he for saving me.


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