I Wish I Knew The Answer ~ Liam Fanfic

Harley and Cayletta have had a rough past. After high school, they moved from their hometown (Seattle) to the big city of Los Angeles. all they took was one suitcase each and two concert tickets. That concert will change their lives for the better, but will their pasts come back to haunt them and threaten their new lives?
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6. Month-Long Sleepover [filler]

So this chapter is a filler (>.<)

More drama to come!!! Next chapter will be long I promise.

Tomorrow is meh birthday :D

anyway... to the story...

xx Maya


Liam's POV

After the girls left, my happiness plummeted. I was so close to kissing those lips, to start my plan to make her fall for me. 

'I'm boooooooooored," Lou whined, lying upside down on the couch trying to do a head stand. The girls departed about five hours ago, and we were  now in our large hotel room.

"Well," I said, standing up. "I'm going for a walk. Anyone care to join me?" I looked around the room, the boys sprawled around. Louis on the couch, Niall in the kitchen (as usual), and Zayn and Harry playing Fifa.

"I will," Niall poked his head out of the kitchen, half a sandwich in his mouth and the other half in his hand. He met me at the door, and tossed me a beanie and sunglasses. Our "disguises". We were on floor five (thanks to California's earthquake problem, the buildings aren't very tall) so we headed to the elevator. Once Inside, I flipped out my iPhone and started a game of Temple Run. God, that game is addictive.

The elevator lurched to a stop and I arched my head, pausing the game. Only floor 2. I resumed the game and continued to swipe as two people walked in the elevator. I heard them striking up a conversation with Nialler, but I was beating my high score and couldn't look up. Don't judge me, Okay?

Then gorgeous laughter filled my ears, causing me to look up. Harley. Oh yeah, and Cayletta. But Harley. She smiled at me like an angel, and I absorbed it. He smile faltered, and she snapped her fingers in front of my face. 

'Liam?" I heard her say. "Oooooh Liiiiiiaaaaam."

"Hmm?" I replied, dumbfounded by her beauty. 

"You Fell." She said, and I heard Niall snicker.

"I what?" 

"You fell." she pointed down. " You know, on Temple Run."

"Ooh, right." Suddenly I found my shoes very interesting.. awkward silence....

"Well," Niall cleared his throat. "What are you doing here?"

"We stay here," Cayletta replied, nervously twirling her hair.

"Stayed," Harley muttered bluntly.

"Well why aren't you staying here anymore?" I asked, disappointed. If they can't stay here, when will I ever see them again?

"We.... ehh...." Cayletta said, her eyes pleading with Harley to finish the sentence.

"Can't pay. We don't have enough money." Harley completed.

"You can stay with us," I blurted, suprized at my sharp actions. Apparently, so was Niall, as his eyebrows hit his hairline.

"I mean... until we go back to England." at that, Niall relaxed and nodded.

Cayletta sputtered like she was about to object, but Harley pushed her aside. I tell you, her confidence never falters.

"Thank you so much Li!' She incased me in a hug, her sweet scent filling my senses.

And then, I had decided. In the month that we had, I was going to make her fall in love with me.

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