I Wish I Knew The Answer ~ Liam Fanfic

Harley and Cayletta have had a rough past. After high school, they moved from their hometown (Seattle) to the big city of Los Angeles. all they took was one suitcase each and two concert tickets. That concert will change their lives for the better, but will their pasts come back to haunt them and threaten their new lives?
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4. Meeting the Boys {{Part 2}}

Hey Guyss! I updated the end of the last chapter, so you should check that out. There is definetly  drama going to happen... soon. I'm trying to take it slow with this story so don't hate me! If you want me to speed up, comment below. This chapter is co-written by Emma_Hiett, and she will be putting it on her Movella account as well, so she is not copying me ^.^

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Liam's POV

We ended the last notes of the final song in perfect harmony. 

"Good Nigh Los Angles!" Harry yelled, and we waved and ran off stage. Niall was off before me, which was a bit odd. I guess he was just eager to get to the snack table, We cooled down for a bit, chugging water as Niall scarfed down ass the food (as usual). 

After the table was cleared, Niall whined, "Can we go now?" to a nearby security officer who appeared out of no where.

"Where?" we all asked at the same time.

"OH MY GOODNESS WE ARE SO IN SYNC!" Louis exclaimed striking a gay pose. In seconds, we were on the floor with laughter.

'Mmmmm hmmm." Lou said. "I can see the headlines now - Louis the Tommo Tomlinson murders bandmates with laughter!"

All that did was cause five more minutes of laughter.

"WELL," The guard said, raising his voice to grab out attention. Then he continued to fill us in on the contest Niall had created. Great, now I have to put on my act again...

The security officer lead us to the room where the girls were waiting, and I heard laughter. We quietly opened the door to our game room and saw thee backs of two girls playing Mario Kart.

"SHIT!!" one yelled, after being beaten by her friend for the fifth time. The boys and I stifled laughter as the girl who lost tackled her friend to the ground. They fought for a minute before Louis cleared his throat, with a hand on his hip.

They snapped to attention, and I recognized the girl who lost. She was the one who smiled at me! Well, I didn't think finding her was going to be that easy.

"You know," I said, smirking at my mystery girl. "You should watch your language."

"Ehh, I'm Italian. I can't help it." She shrugged her shoulders. I was impressed with her, most girls would be fangirling out of their minds, to dumbstuck to even say something back. I giggled at her respose. WAIT WHAT?! I stopped in mid-giggle. Me, Liam Payne from One Direction, just giggled at a girl who's name I din't know? Something is going on...

"I'M LOUIS!" Lou yelled, flailing his arms.

"I KNOW!" Mystery girl yelled back. "I'M HARLEY!" Harley. What a pretty name.

I stared at her for a while, soaking up her beauty. She turned around and caught me staring. I quickly looked away, my face red. How embarrassing... for a while, I barley payed attention. I noticed Harry hitting on Harley's friend (who's name turned out to be Cayletta) and her eating it up. 

"Let's play truth or dare!" Niall and Harry said at the same time.

"Narry moment!" Harley yelled, fangirling. Cayletta laughed. I guess she was thinking the same thing.

Well i have to applaud Harry and Niall, truth or dare with us always gets a bit crazy. Hopefully I would get to talk to Harley, to get to know the girl who took away my misery.


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