I Wish I Knew The Answer ~ Liam Fanfic

Harley and Cayletta have had a rough past. After high school, they moved from their hometown (Seattle) to the big city of Los Angeles. all they took was one suitcase each and two concert tickets. That concert will change their lives for the better, but will their pasts come back to haunt them and threaten their new lives?
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3. Meeting the Boys {{Part 1}}

Harley's POV

As the last song of the night started, Cayletta pulled out her travel-sized mirror and we began to check out hair and outfits. Cayletta was dressed like Louis, and I was dressed like Liam. {check the comments for a link to their outfits} I had pulled Cayletta's pin-straight blonde hair into a loose fishtail braid, not doing anything extravagant to it. My hair's naturally loose curls had been tightened into thick spirals, and I had placed a white bow at the nape of my neck. In seventh grade, (we are now in our senior year) I had died my  hair ombre, so that the natural dark brown faded into a dirty blonde. I loved it so much, I kept it the past five years. We had just put the mirror away when we heard Harry say,

"Goodnight Los Angeles!"

Cayletta and I squealed, knowing that the next hour would be the best of our lives. A buff security officer escorted us pass security and into a largeroom. 

"Here you will wait for the boys," The man said, looking obviously tired and bored. 

"Thank you!" We chirped, only receiving a slight nod from the officer.

"What a douche..." I mumbled to Cayletta, who rolled her eyes.

The room was painted a light green color, sort of like rotten milk. The two doors were white, and so was everything else. There was a coffee table in the middle of two large sofas facing each other in one side of the room, and a TV with five gamer-chairs surrounding it. We sat down in the gamer chairs, and I turned on the TV. On the screen was a paused game of Mario Kart, and Cayletta soon found the controllers and smirked at me. We started a new game and raced around Cheep Cheep Beach. 


"SHIT!" I yelled and pounced on Cayletta, who was laughing her head off because she just beat me. AGAIN. FOR THE FIFTH TIME IN A ROW. Cayletta and I rolled around for a bit, wrestling each other until we heard someone clear their throat. We whipped our heads around to see five gorgeous boys in front of us, and in my head I could hear music playing as the light shone on them just right.

"You know, you should watch your language," Liam said, smirking at me. 

"Ehh," I said, shrugging it off. "I'm Italian, I can't help it." 

The boys laughed and Louis got up in my face.

"HI!" he yelled. "I'M LOUIS!"

"I KNOW!" I yelled back. "I'M HARLEY!"

Louis pat me on the head, "I approve, I approve,"

I gave each boy a hug and felt someone's eyes on me. I looked around and saw Liam staring. He looked away and blushed. 

"So how long have you been here?" Cayletta asked, hoping that they had seen her win. I noticed Harry looking her up and down, smirking slightly. 

"Long enough to see Harley get creamed five times..." Zayn muttered, causing Harley to crack up and me to fake pout. Louis came over to me and smothered me in a hug.

"Be nice to my NBFF!" He screeched, stroking my hair.

"NBFF?" I asked. "What's that?"

"New best fan friend," He said. "Duhh."

"What's your name love?" Harry asked Cayletta, biting his lip. He is really trying to hard.

"Cayletta," She replied with a giggle, twirling her hair. SHE was falling for Harry's act?!

"Lets play truth or dare." Niall and Harry said at the same time.

"Narry moment!" I yelled. Cayletta laughed, thinking the same thing.

"Sounds good," she said. "But first I need food."

"I like this girl!" Niall said and laughed.

Well lets just see how truth or dare goes when your playing with one direction...


Sorry this is so short... but I feel like this hold a lot of information so I'm just going to do this chapter in two sections, Harley and Liam's POV.

Love Ya!!

xx Maya


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