New life, New world

Jessica Holt is a nice girl that moved to Hawaii and who is having trouble at school.
That trouble is Christine Hill and her friend Taylor Brown. Jessica needs anything the has got to get to be friends with them. Will she be teased all year, or will she be with them? Figure out in New life, New world.


2. Something to Remember

We Walk in, looking around. "This place is CREEPY!" Kira yells out on the top of her lungs. Almost killed my ears because she was right next to me. We are seeing cobwebs and dust everywhere. Worse then I thought. I hear the floors creaking when we take our first steps. My sister yells "I call the biggest room!" I`m not trying to be rude or something but I have to say I sometimes I  think my sister can be something. I run up to and pick the very last room. my room is not the biggest room but it has a balcony! My sister walks in. Whining to mom that I get the balcony. She laves the room with mom and I start writing in my diary. " Day 1, Today we got to our new home. My sister went 100% CRAZY but pretty fun." I shut my dairy and text my friend. "We are at the house. Looking pretty old to me." I send it and look out the balcony. Feeling the nice breeze. Then my mom says we have to go to sleep. It`s in the morning. got our beds and such. Decorated my bedroom. My mom called. We went down stairs and saw mom smiling at us. I thought my dad was coming home from the army. I was super happy. But then my mom said we could have our very own puppy! My sister Kira went CRAZY.

But I was like...... WHATEVER........ But when we went to the pet store, I got kind of excited. My sister chose a Poodle. I was having a bit trouble. There was all kinds. But then I saw the cutest dog ever! It was a beagle. I chose him and my mom bought the dog stuff. Then we went home. My sister named her dog on this napkin. She spelled is wrong. This is what it said.


I think it was supposed to say Beauty. I laughed and show Kira how to spell it right. She got it. After that, I had to think of a name for my puppy. I have been thinking for an hour and i can`t think of a name. my puppy is just sitting there looking at me so adorably I think I can die. Then he starts chasing his tale. Kira says I should name him Beast from Beauty and the Beast.

I was like no.... Then I thought of the perfect name. It`s name was going to be Lucky. So I been teaching him his name and 

other stuff. It was pretty easy. Well I started t write in my dairy for a little while, took my dog on a walk, played fetch, and other 

stuff. I did not know how fun it was to have a dog. In a week it`s time for school. I`m so NOT excited. I`m one of those people who don`t like school and like to stay home. I`m in sixth grade my sister Kira is in second grade. I have to admit that second grade is fun because of the field trips and the activity's and such and sixth grade is pretty BORING LIKE HECK. I really can wait to school comes. Some people said that the school I`m going to has Starbucks in the cafe!  That`s  what  I`m talking about.

My sister wishes she could have McDonald's in her cafeteria. Now she is complaining about that too. I`m texting my friend and

walking in circles, Waiting for the end of the day.

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