New life, New world

Jessica Holt is a nice girl that moved to Hawaii and who is having trouble at school.
That trouble is Christine Hill and her friend Taylor Brown. Jessica needs anything the has got to get to be friends with them. Will she be teased all year, or will she be with them? Figure out in New life, New world.


1. Something New

I`m Jessica Holt. I am in sixth grade and this is my diary for school. (tap tap) "Huh" I turn around and my little sister Kira is watching me. "A diary? really? I thought you don`t use those things." I erase the  diary part of the thing and put Homework.

"It was not a diary.(even though it really was) It was my homework. Why would it say diary?" i say looking confused.

"Can you let me take a nap?" i say. "Sure!" yells my sister. She runs out of the room happily. I was really not going to take a nap. A minute later, She runs back in with a bedtime story book. I had it when I was two years old about. "Once upon a time, there was a little old lady". she said "Kira I don`t need bedtime stories." I say nicely. But I was pretty sleepy. She frowned and walked out of the room. But I could tell it was a fake frown. We have to move tomorrow. I need rest. I get under the covers and fall asleep. 

Something kept poking me. I woke up and it was Kira.  We are moving today! she yells. she runs out to go eat coco pebbles.     

I grab my cell phone and text my friend Mackenzie. Tell her we are about to leave. Thirty minutes later, We get in the car and start to get on the road. Just a couple minutes later, Kira starts saying " Are we there yet?" she probably said that thirty times already and has not even be 1 hour yet. 

Finally we are there. We all scream. 

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