New Life New Me

Lia was a normal 17 year old girl who was in LOVE with One Direction! She went to school got good grade but everything changed the day she went with her friends to watch the 1D3D movie! Read to find out what happens!! :)


6. London

*Lia's P.O.V.*

I thought about what Harry said while we were on our way to my house. I knew my mom would like me going because I barely know Harry. But then again I really would like to see what it's like to live on my own so I decided to go. When I told my mom she was really surprised and so was Harry.

"What?" Maybe that shouldn't of been the first thing I said to her."Have you thought this through? I really want to know what's happening!"

"Harry asked me to go to London with him. I want to go because then I can see what it's like to live on my own, well Harry is going to be with me."

"Ok well what about your broken arm and leg?!" ok she had a point there. I didn't really think about that!

"I'll take care of her the best I can, I promise!" Harry replied for me.

"I'm still not sure if this is a good idea." The rest of the night was awkward. We all really didn't talk much. It was also very awkward for Harry because he told me he felt like he did something since me and my mom weren't talking. After everyone fell asleep and Harry went home I packed all the things I thought I would need and left to go to Harry's flat. He gave me his address. I knew my mom would flip when she found out I was gone so I left a letter for her. The letter read:


I love you and I know you love me. I am so sorry but I'm going with Harry to London. I know you will be mad at me but please trust me. I know what I'm doing. I'm trying to experience life on my own. Please don't be mad at me for not being here in the morning. I don't want to fight or stop talking so I will send you letters and call you everyday, I promise. I'm already 18 so I actually have the right to go on my own. Please don't come after me. I'll come back home if I feel like I'm messing up! I will always love you.

Lots of Love,


I left the letter on the sink of the bathroom because that's the first place she goes when she wakes up. I texted Harry telling him I'm on my way to his house. When I arrived he was on his front porch playing on his phone. We got into his car and started going to the airport.

"What will my mom say about you leaving?" Harry asked me breaking the silence in his car.

"I wrote a letter telling her where I was going. So I hope she doesn't freak out as much. What would your mom say?" I was just curious.

"I think my mom would trust me and let me go off on my own. She has a lot of trust with me." When we got to the airport we went through security and we were finally on the plane. I fell asleep as soon as the plane shot into the sky.

~8 hours later~

We got off of the plane and it was surprisingly cold.

"Welcome to London!" Harry smirked at me.


A/N: PLEASE READ!!!!!!!! Ok so this is my first story and I can see some people like it! Can you please comment to me what you think will be good to fix or to ad?! Thanx for liking my story!!! :)

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