New Life New Me

Lia was a normal 17 year old girl who was in LOVE with One Direction! She went to school got good grade but everything changed the day she went with her friends to watch the 1D3D movie! Read to find out what happens!! :)


9. Exploration Part 3

*Nicki's P.O.V.*

We wanted to know where she was and when we asked her mom all she would say was that she went to London. I mean really that's not a lot of information! We all decided to go and find her and the good part of that was, my parents let me go! I was really surprised when they said yes because they would usually be like 'you can when you get your own money!'  When we arrived it was 9:00 and we decided to get a hotel to stay at. By the time we were all in our rooms and everything organized I started to get hungry. We all agreed to go to Nando's to see what the food tasted like. We also wanted to go there because we thought we would have a chance to see Niall and the other 4/5 of One Direction.

"I wonder what tastes good here?" I look over to see Kendra staring at the giant menu board.

"I don't know about you guys but I'm going to get the chicken wrap, curly chips, corn on the cob, hot wings and a drink" said Rena while rubbing her chin.

"Hungry are you?" I say while she comes closer to me.

"Yes! I'm starving! Plus that's what Niall eats when he comes here and I wanted to try it! Duh!" She responded back. After we all ordered our food we sat down and started eating. Oh My Flipping Cat Fat This Is Good Food!!! (Inside Joke) When I looked up I noticed I wasn't the only one enjoying the heavenly food! Now I know why Niall eats here all the time! We didn't talk we just ate. I was going to say something when I saw Lia....and Harry Styles with her!

"guys....look who's here..." I could barely say because I was so happy to see her. Plus I thought it would be days until we would have gotten any clue of where she would be, AND......She's with Harry Freakin Styles!!!!

"LIA!!!!!!!!!!" We all scream and run to her. Harry looked shocked! It was funny! When we got done talking we found out we were in the same hotel! Harry and Lia were 6 rooms down from us! How weird is that? When we finished eating we went back to our hotel.

"Lia can I talk to you?" I look over to Harry and see that he was blinking really fast like it was a secret code or something.

"Sure!" Lia says, though she has a confused look on her face. They step aside and start whispering. I wonder what they are talking about. Harry started to get red in his cheeks for some reason. I see Lia go to give Harry a hug but rolls his eyes over to us and she stops completely. I wonder what's happening?

*Lia's P.O.V.*

Harry asked me to talk for some reason. I didn't know what he wanted to say but he was blinking really fast so I think it's important. I agree to go with him but I'm still confused.

"Yes Harry?" I ask after we are far from the group.

"I'm sorry to take time away from you and your friends but I pulled you aside because I wanted to know if you were still going to go with me to the London Eye? You don't have to I was just wondering."

"Your not taking time away from me and my friends we see each other all the time back in America. Yeah I'll still go with you! Would you mind if I invite them to come along?" I asked

"Well not trying to be rude but I kinda wanted it to be just me and you. Is that ok?" Harry asked.I wonder he wanted it to be just me and him, not that i didn't mind or anything! I also noticed Harry's face started to turn red.

"Its no problem!" I look down at my shoes stupidly.

"Are you sure? I don't want you to be mad at me."

"Harry I'm not mad at you!" I go to give him a hug but then I notice him rolling his eyes over to the girls. They were looking at us. I stopped as soon as Harry smiled at me. I smiled back then we walked back to the group. They were giving us looks like we were going to sneak out.

"Lia and I are going to go somewhere. Do you guys mind if we leave." Harry said being the gentleman he is.

"No there is no problem right guys." Said CC, looking around to the girls who were nodding their heads in agreement. We said our goodbyes and left. We were walking a long way until there was a mob of fans coming to us. They were all asking for pictures with Harry and autographs. Harry looked over at me asking if he could. I give him a small nod and he did his thing. There were some small comments to me. Good and bad ones. Harry must of heard some of it because he would look over at me and mouth 'sorry'. When that was all over, we got in line for the London Eye. There weren't that many people there. After 15 minutes we got our tickets and went in. Harry payed a little extra so he wouldn't have to deal with fans. We started to go up, so I decided to look out the window. It was beautiful. I got distracted from my thoughts by Harry asking me something.

"Lia, can I tell you something?" He seemed a bit nervous.

"Ya,, sure!" I said trying to sound cheerful so he wouldn't be as nervous for whatever reason.

"Well, I know we meet a week ago. I honestly think you are the nicest girl I have ever meet," when he said that I felt my face start to turn red. He continued,"And even though you might think I'm a creep, I just wanted to tell you that I......" he started to say but got interrupted by a woman's voice through the speaker.

"Attention passengers, we are having some technical difficulties. We would appreciate it if you would all stay calm. Everything will back and running in about 3-4 hours, thank you." Well this was going to be a while.     


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