New Life New Me

Lia was a normal 17 year old girl who was in LOVE with One Direction! She went to school got good grade but everything changed the day she went with her friends to watch the 1D3D movie! Read to find out what happens!! :)


5. Can I Go!?

*Lia's P.O.V.*

Harry told me my family were coming soon. I'm happy that Harry was here with me. He was asking a lot of questions about me. I answered them the best I could without making it awkward. He was about to ask me something when he got interrupted by mom scream at me.

"MY BABY GIRL ARE YOU OK!?!? I WAS SO WORRIED ABOUT YOU WHEN I HEARD WHAT HAPPENED!!!" wow she must have been really worried by the tone of her voice.

"Mom I'm fine! Keep it down you don't want to get kicked out for screaming too loud." I understand that she cared but she really needed to keep her voice down.

"I should probably go! I don't want to bother anyone!" Harry said walking towards the door. I knew he wouldn't be able to leave. My mom would keep him up all night thanking him for calling 911 when my car crashed.

"Where do you think you going!? You saved my daughter's life! She could've died if you didn't call 91!!" I told you. "I have an idea! I'm going to go home to make dinner for all of us and you stay here with Lia! ok? I'm going now! BYE!" and with that she left. Harry looked at me very confused!

"What was that?"

"My mom has a habit of over-reacting on lots of things! Just go along with it. I'm surprised she left you here with me to make dinner! That means she likes you!" after I said that Harry had the biggest grin on his face.


*Harry's P.O.V.*

Lia's mom left and it was just me and her. When Lia said her mom liked me I couldn't stop smiling. Two and a half hours passed and the doctor said we could go. I helped her into my car since her's was smashed to pieces. She gave me her address and I started to drive.

"Lia?" I was planning on asking her if she wanted to go London with me. Even though I've only known her for a few hours, I really liked her and I had the feeling she liked me.


"I know this is so soon but... do you want to travel to London with me?" I looked over at her and her eyes were as big as the sea. I hope I didn't say the wrong thing. She didn't answer me for a while so I decided to talk again "If you don't want to it's fine. It was just an offer. I'm sorry for asking so soon but I really like you!" I can't believe I really said that!!!

"Sorry I was just thinking. I would love to go but I don't know what my parents would say." the rest of the car ride was silent. Fifteen minutes later we arrived at her house. We walked up to her front door. Her mom opened it and before she could say anything Lia spoke. It surprised me for what she said.

"Mom...I'm going to London with Harry." she had a serious face which made me wonder why she already made her decision without talking to her parents. Her mom just stood there with her eyes wide open.

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