New Life New Me

Lia was a normal 17 year old girl who was in LOVE with One Direction! She went to school got good grade but everything changed the day she went with her friends to watch the 1D3D movie! Read to find out what happens!! :)


1. About Me

*Lia's P.O.V.*


Hey Guys! My name is Lia and I'm 17 years old. I'm not what you would call popular or nerd/geek. I'm more of in the middle. I have a nice group of friends but there are four I like the most! The first one is Nicki. She is 16 at the time but she will be 17 in a few weeks. We have been friends since the 3rd grade. I am originally from Brazil so I moved here when we were in 1st grade. We talked sometimes but we became best friends in 3rd grade. Now we are in our 14th years of being friends! The next one is Rena. She is 17, just like me! We meet in 6th grade! Our friend was having a birthday party and we had nothing else to do so we started talking and our friendship went on from there. Even thought she was older than me I was still taller than her. It reminds me when we were in 7th grade she would always say "Every short girl needs a tall friend" Next comes Kendra. She is 16 like Nicki but she was probably the most mature out of our group. She was like a mom to me! Kendra helps me study for tests, she is constantly correcting me. Sometimes I call her mommy and act like I'm 5 just to bug her! And last but most certainly not least is Katie. She is 17, the oldest out of the group. Katie is my boo! The main thing I love about us is that we all love One Direction! Of course I love Harry Styles! Nicki loves Zayn Malik, Rena loves Niall Horan, Kendra loves Liam Payne, and Katie loves Louis Tomlinson. Well today is May 19 and we are all waiting for August 30, the day the 1D3D movie comes out!!! Rena told me that One Direction twitted to their fans that they would come to a movie theater but they didn't say which one. I honestly think they don't even know our small town exists so why worry about having them come to ours. 

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