Jacee Belle is a 19 year old girl who lives on her own. Her parents passed away when she was only 2 in a car accident, she has no other family.

Jacee lives in a beatifull beach house in London and one day while taking her normal walk, she bumped into someone, Niall Horan! But when she meets the boys and they all gain a crush for her, who will she choose, or will she just run away from her problems?


3. Zayn you can't do this..

*Niall's Point of View*

The pool was so fun last night. I turned over only to see empty space, so I got up and walked downstairs to the couch. As I was walking down the stari case I saw someone, it looked like Zayn, so I whispered his name. "Zayn." " ya mate?" I was confused at how close he was getting to where Jacee was sleeping. "What are you doing" he quickly replied acting as if it wasn't a big deal." Just checking on Jacee, she's so cute whe--" 'Zayn! How could you say that, she's MY girlfriend." He shuffled over to me, his fists clenched.



*Jacee's Point of View*

I was sleeping downstairs when out of nowhere I heard voices. "Zayn! How could you say that, she's MY girlfriend." It felt so good to hear the word girlfriend, it made me feel...wanted. I woke up only to see Zayn walking towards Niall with clenched fists. I sprung up and jumped in front of Niall. I felt a feeling of pain in my shoulder as I fell into Niall and held him tight. "Zayn, you just hit Jacee!" Niall lifted me up and held me close, then  pulled me behind him and walked at Zayn. "How could you hit a girl ,how could you hit my girlfriend." I ran up to Niall and hugged him from behind, whispering in his ear to let it go , but he turned around and picked me up, carrying me to his car.

When we got into his car, he started it up and backed out if the driveway, not saying a word, then he stopped, ran inside, and ten minutes later came out with several bags and a bruised eye. "Niall!" I ran out of the car and covered his eye. "What happened?" But my question was quickly answered when Zayn ran out of the house wearing only sweatpants, and grabbed my arm. Niall  pushed him off of me as Zayn put his hand around Niall's neck. I started crying and yelling at Zayn. "Zayn, stop! You can't do this, just let him go and leave!"


*Liam's Point of View*

I rushed towards the guest room window after hearing some breaking glass and some doors slamming. When I pulled the shades to the side, I saw Zayn pulling Niall to the ground and Jacee running towards them crying her eyes out. I ran outside and  pulled Zayn off Niall, as Jacee grabbed Niall and kissed him about ten thousand times. Zayn got up and brushed the sand off his pants, then stormed passed Jacee, nudging her shoulder. Niall got angered by that and yelled at Zayn, "Hey, why did you have to hit her, she did nothing--" Besides tear this band apart", Zayn interuptted. "She did not tear us apart Zayn, you did." Jacee started to cry and I hugged her, making her feel comftorable, but as her tears soaked my shirt, I felt something, like I was starting to like Jacee, but I couldn't say anything.



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