Jacee Belle is a 19 year old girl who lives on her own. Her parents passed away when she was only 2 in a car accident, she has no other family.

Jacee lives in a beatifull beach house in London and one day while taking her normal walk, she bumped into someone, Niall Horan! But when she meets the boys and they all gain a crush for her, who will she choose, or will she just run away from her problems?


2. Why would you do that.

*Jacee's Point of view*

I walked in the doors of Rhodes 24 Restaurant with Niall at my side. The hostess brough us to a booth secluded from the rest of the customers and walked away to get some drinks. Niall started to get into conversation about my past life.

Niall: So when did you move out and live on your own?
Jacee: Well my parents passed away when I was only two, I was put into a foster home here in London but when I was only fifteen my foster parents kicked me out becasue I wasn't doing my best in school, I had one B and the rest were A's. Anything below and you were kicked out.

Niall: Oh, sorry about your parents. And you've lived on your own for four years?

Jacee: Ya. It's been hard but I work as a cheerleading coach and i'm a cheerleader so I get payed pretty good.


The waitress brought back two bottles of wine and some glasses. "Trying to get us drunk." said Niall. He poured me a glass and three drinks later we were on the stage singing Forever Young. It was so fun. Ten minutes later, out of nowhere we heard yelling. "Niall, there you are mate."  Zayn, Harry, Louis, and Liam all piled into our booth clapping at our "singing". Zayn walked up on stage and just stared at me. Niall tried to get his attention by yelling Zayn's name, but all he did was stare. When Zayn finally snapped out of it Niall said, "This is Jacee, I ran into her on the beach today." Louis hopped up next to us saying, "Score one for Niall."


Later in the night we all seemed just about drunk besides me and Niall so we called a cab for our group and we drove off to my house. We took the boys upstairs to the four guest rooms. I told Niall he could take my room and i'll take the couch, but he refused, he simply grabbed me by my waist and took me into my room. He pulled the clip out of my hair as I wiggled my heels off. He plopped me down on the bed as I pulled his Free Hugs shirt off and ran away. I came back out in short shorts and his shirt tied in the back, Letting my hair stay down. Niall just smircked and said, "Your beatiful no matter what." I smiled and grabbed some blankets to go downstairs on the couch. He yelled for me as i left, "No Jacee, you stay up here, I'll go." I just shut the door and walked downstairs, checking in the guest rooms as I walked by them. Harry Louis and Liam were sleeping but as I walked past Zayn's room I noticed him looking out the window.


"Zayn?" He turned his head and walked towards me. "Jacee, can you come here." I walked into his room and sat in the hammock chair. He started to speak, "You know ever since Perrie left me it's been hard for me to fall in love, but when I saw you tonight, it was love at first sight." "Zayn, you know--." "No, I don't care if Niall saw you first, he will never love you like I love you." He ran towards me and grabbed my face, forcefully kissing me as I started to relax and put my arms around his neck. I heard a sniffle and turned, only to see Niall standing there with tears in his eyes and some candles.


"Niall, I-I'm sorry, I never meant to, he kissed me and it was my first kiss I mean I couldn't help it, please, I'm sorry, It didn't count anyway, I like you, not Zayn." He turned around and walked towards me. I was ready for anything to come.

He pulled me into a kiss, picking me up in a bridal style carry. He brought me downstairs and outside, dropping me into the pool as I pulled him in with me. Niall started to speak as he slowly swam towards me, "So, you go for bad boys?" He got out of the pool and grabbed a tube, popped it and jumped back in. Niall!" He started to laugh and came closer to me. "So Zayn's kiss didn't count, but does this?" He grabbed my waist and pulled me so close, then kissed me, and it was the best feeling ever to be wrapped in his arms.

I looked up at the back of the house and  saw Zayn's curtains close, the lights flash off and then looked back at Niall who was already trying to pull my top with him as he swam. I grabbed the shirt and tried to pull it back towards me. Thankfully I already had a bikini on cause he had his shirt back and he wasn't giving it back.


We swam over to the shallow end and just sat there talking about life, when all of the boys ran out and jumped in with us, including Zayn. For about another hour we were swimming and playing marco pollo, and thankfully I had no neighbors, cause we were quite the loud bunch.


After we dried off we went to the back door and filed in, playfully pushing eachother as we went in. Niall wrapped his towel around me and held my waist, pulling me closer as we walked to the kitchen. When we got there Zayn and Liam were already bringing chips to the couch in front of the Flat screen, and Harry and Louis were running away with cookies. Niall picked me up on the counter and kissed my forhead, leaving warmness from his soft kisses down my neck.

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