Jacee Belle is a 19 year old girl who lives on her own. Her parents passed away when she was only 2 in a car accident, she has no other family.

Jacee lives in a beatifull beach house in London and one day while taking her normal walk, she bumped into someone, Niall Horan! But when she meets the boys and they all gain a crush for her, who will she choose, or will she just run away from her problems?


5. Road Trip

*Jacee's POV*


It was day three of traveling. We were only hours away from Australia, but I guess only seconds away from trouble.


Me and Niall were in the back of the bus eating breakfast. "So, what are you thinking for outfits",  mumbled Niall as he chowed down his cereal. "I think I wanna-- Did you hear that?" A loud noise had come from the front of the bus. Niall got up and grabbed my hand, moving me behind him as we walked towards the middle of the bus. He turned around kissed my forhead, and walked throught the curtains. Signaling for me to stay back.


I waited twenty minutes and I hadn't heard anything, so i started to walk through the curtains, but felt some one's arms around my waist, and when I turned around, Zayn was standing there, crying. "Zayn what's wrong?" He pulled me into a corner and put his finger on my lip, indincating that i needes to shut up/ He thrusted me behind him and walked further into the corner. He put his hand over my mouth and whispered, "I'm sorry." I looked at him with a confused look, but when I looked behind him, a large man with a gun was walking past us, with Niall over his shoulders. And Zayn didn't have to worry about me screaming, cause I was crying, but speechless, and making no noise.

Before Zayn could hold me down, I pushed past him and followed the man out the bus door and watched as he dropped Niall out on the ground but thankfully Niall was not shot, he was just bleeding from his arm. And when he dropped Niall, Harry was right next to him crying, Liam in the car, with a gun shot through his arm and Louis hiding behind the car, but acting dead. I rushed back onto the bus, pushing past Zayn, and grabbed a butchers knife from the knife block, nobody touches my boys.

I walked out the door and to the mans car. I closed my eyes and pointed the knife straight for his head, and all I felt was a warm splash and a heavy weight.

The man was dead, but had fallen on top of me. I saw Niall pushing the man off of me and he look concered, I looked at my leg, where Niall was looking, and all I saw was red. The man had shot me and I hadn't noticed, and at that moment, I felt dizzy, and just as Niall caught my head from hitting the concrete, I passed out.


*Niall's POV*


I had just woken up an decided to put some bowls of cereal on a tray with OJ and some candles. I set up the tray and brought it to Jacee, who was barely awake. She sat up and sat in my lap. Streching her arms and yawning. I  turned her around and kissed her, then handed her a spoon. She jumped off my lap and started at her cereal, frosted flakes, for my tiger. I jabbed some cereal in my mouth and asked, "So, what are you thinking for outfits?" She started to talk but paused and said, "Did you hear that?" I had heard a thud, and something that sounded like a gunshot so I grabbed her hand and pulled her behind me. We reached the curtains to the main part of the bus and I kissed her, signaling for her to stay back. I walked out the curtains and bumped into Zayn, he explained how Liam had been shot, Louis was chocked, and Harry was cut. I nodded my head and told him to go protect Jacee and that I was going to try to save the boys. I walked off the bus and ran towards Harry, but was pumpled by a tall man, and brought back on to the bus. He threw me on to the floor and I could see Jacee in the other room, huddled in the corner with Zayn. The man grabbed some money and picked me back up. He headed towards the door where Jacee was hiding, so I instructed him that the only money was in the room we had just exited. He punched my arm and told me to shut up, then walked me off the bus and threw me to the gorund, and the last thing I saw was Jacee running towards the man with a knife, and her being shot.


I ran over to Jacee and pushed the man off of her. She looked down at her leg and saw the wound, and her head started to fall, but I caught it and picked her up, limping towards the bus. Zayn came running out and grabbed Jacee from my arms and told me to get back on the bus, but before he could, Liam was running towards him, dragging Louis and Harry. "Follow me!" Liam yelled and ran for an open field. I wasn't sure what was happening so I grabbed Jacee from Zayn and ran towards the field.

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