Jacee Belle is a 19 year old girl who lives on her own. Her parents passed away when she was only 2 in a car accident, she has no other family.

Jacee lives in a beatifull beach house in London and one day while taking her normal walk, she bumped into someone, Niall Horan! But when she meets the boys and they all gain a crush for her, who will she choose, or will she just run away from her problems?


1. Niall?


*Jacee's point of view*

This is crazy! There's only twelve days left of summer and still no friends. Maybe If i just go for a walk I can get all the stress out, but that's what I always say. I mean what's so bad about me, my hair is dirty blonde and down to the middle of my back, I have bright blue eyes, I'm a cheerleader, I--  (someone bumps into Jacee) Oh! I'm sorry, I didn't mean to bu-- NIALL HORAN?!? Wait, no sorry I didn't mean to fangirl right there I just really really...love you! Don't worry love, it's fine, and trust me, your the most calm fan i've ever met. His thick Irish accent settled in my mind as I felt the rain start to pour down on my hair.


*Niall's point of view*

It starting to rain, we should go inside, wait, I never caught your name. Her perfectly pink and plump lips seperated as she said her name, Jacee, my names Jacee. I placed my hand around her waist and pulled her back towards where she said her house was.

So Jacee, you live here?!? Yup, this is the place she yelled as she ran upstairs. The house she lived in was huge! There were two grand doors opening up to polished floors and light blue couches. Here, I have some blankets if you wanna put your clothes in the dryer, her voice called from upstairs. That's fine, I yelled back up to her. It may be a little wrong but as I walked upstairs, Jacee had left her door open as she was changing, and I may have offered to "help".


*Jacee's point of view*

As I was pulling my blouse off, I heard a familiar voice come from outside my room, "Can I help". I sighed and opened the door a little more and said sure. I grabbed some blankets and said, you wanna go put these downstairs. He playfully hit me and said "sure love", as he pulled the blankets off my arms. "Oh,  Niall", i said. "Ya". "Can you come here." And just to staisfy this guy i've obsessed over for three years, I turned around and let him unzip the back of my blouse, and as soon as he stopped, or atleast tried to, I pushed him out the door and laughed.


I walked down to my living room about half and hour later only to see Niall cuddled up in the blankets, sound asleep on the floor. "Hey Ni, you tired". He woke up right away and hugged me, i'm so sorry, i didn't mea-- he looked me up and down and sat there speechless, wow! I had on a tight black dress with light blue six inch heels, a little clear lip gloss, and my hair straightened with a bump. ''Well, I thought you might get hungry so i made some reservations down the street." He got up and just stared at me, speechless as I grabbed his New York Yankees snapback off the table and smacked it on his head.


*Niall's Point of view*

Wow, one simple walk on the beach and im in the most beatiful girl in London's house! She smacked my hat over my head as I walked next to her, trying to grab her hand

"So why did you plan this dinner and everything." She just shrugged her shoulders and said, "Well, you are the hottest guy on the earth so, why not?" I finally got a hold of her hand and said, "Well this is going pretty smoothly." She just chuckled and I pulled her closer to me, keeping her safe from the rain.

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