Jacee Belle is a 19 year old girl who lives on her own. Her parents passed away when she was only 2 in a car accident, she has no other family.

Jacee lives in a beatifull beach house in London and one day while taking her normal walk, she bumped into someone, Niall Horan! But when she meets the boys and they all gain a crush for her, who will she choose, or will she just run away from her problems?


6. Gone

*Niall's POV*


After Liam instructed us into the field, I sat Jacee down, and watched as the bus exploded into millions of pieces. I looked around for the boys, and one by one, found them crawling to safety or holding an injury.

I walked back to where Jacee was, but when I got there, she was gone. I looked through the bushes and around a tree, no sign of her. I quickly gathered the boys and sent them on a run to find her, and as they came back empty handed, I imagined the worst. Before I looked back near the tree where I sat her down, I heard a car door shut, and a white Range Rover slowly passed by, with Jacee in the backseat.


*Jacee's POV*


After Niall had set me down in the grass, the tour bus exploded into a million pieces and I crawled towards a tree to find safety. I sat and waited for Niall to come back, but he never did, so I crawled back towards the road, sticking my thumb out, hoping for the best.

After ten minutes, Niall wasn't back, and I was still on the road. A white Range Rover finally pulled up, and the girl asked, "Are you Jacee Horan?" I replied, "Yes." She unlocked her door and signaled me in, then drove off towards Australia.


I slowly staretd to fall asleep and dreamt about Niall, I was so worried he wasn't ok, and all I could think about was finding my Fiance, dead. About twenty minutes later the car pulled into a road, and only one large gray mansion with white shingles and a black door lurked at the end of the street. The girl opened the car door and grabbed me by my hair, pulling me to the ground. She grabbed  a yard of string from her purse and tied my hands behind my back, then lifted me off the ground by my hair, and pulled me towards the house. The girl pulled out a folder and tied me to a chair, then started reading from a file. "Jacee Horan, 19, long blonde hair, blue eyes, engaded to Niall Horan, about 5"6, and finally, living in my house forever." She shut the folder and tossed it across the room, then came over and grabbed my hand, pulling my ring right off and placing on her ring finger. She stepped back and looked at it, turning her hand and laughing. She started mumbling to her self than walked over and said, "Would you like to go see Liam?" I gave her a confused look, and she untied my hands and led me to a door, then opened it, and pushed my down the stairs. Half way down I caught the railing and looked back up, only to see a shut door, and the lock turning. I stood back up, limping down the stairs and found Liam tied to a pole, his wound was wrapped up and he seemed as if he was passed  out. I walked over and shook his shoulder, trying to wake him up.


Ten minutes later, Liam woke up, looked at me and a smile grew on his beaten face. I untied his hands and he hugged me so tight whispering in my ear, "I love you so much Jacee, I love you soooo much." I pulled out of his hug and kissed his cheek, then looked around for some water. About ten feet away from where Liam had been chained, three full water bottles were sitting in a basket. I pulled off my shirt and placed water on it, then dabbed in on Liam's face to remove the blood. After I cleaned his face, I cuddled up into his arms and fell asleep.


*Liam's POV*


After the bus exploded and some girls picked me up in a van, I was given water, an dsecinds later, I had passed out and woken up, only to find myslef chained to a metal pole in a basement, and a girl was standing there, with a folder in her hand. "Liam James Payne, 19 , 5"10, single, in love with Jacee Horan, and living with me now." She turned on her foot and ran up the stairs, coming back half an hour later, with someone. I heard a struggle and saw someone falling down the stairs, and as she caught the railing, I tried to see who it was, but hit my head on the radiator next to me, and passed out.


When I woke 10 minutes later, I found Jacee sitting there untying my hands. I immediately hugged her and whispered in her ear, "I love you so much Jacee, I love you soooo much." She pulled out of my hug, and kissed my forehead, then walked away and searched for water. She came right back to me and pulled off her shirt, pouring water on it and dabbing it on my face. As she was falling asleep, I pulled off my t-shirt and wrapped her in it, warming her up.


*Niall's POV*

I watched as the white Range Rover passed by, picking up the boys and driving away. It was only me and Louis girlfirend Hayley. She looked back at me and started to cry, "Louis gone, he's never coming back, so I'm going to him." I grabbed her arm and told her "It's gonna be okay, we'll find him." She pushed my hand off her arm and ran towards the car, jumping up and down. The rover pulled over and the girl dragged her in. "Where's the Irish boy, he's my favorite?" A girl walked over to where I was sitting and I ran to the bushes. She looked around the tree and walked back to the car. There was no way I was gonna let anything happen to Jacee so i dran after her and pushed her into the street, jumping on the hood of the car as they drove away, un aware of their injured friend in the road behind them.


When the car pulled into the driveway of the mansion I hopped off the hood and snuck passed the girls into the house. I heard crying coming from the basement and when I walked dwonstairs I saw Jacee, Harry, Zayn, Liam, Louis and Caitlin chained to poles, but all that stood out to me, was Jacee wrapped in Liam's shirt, against his chest.


*Liam's POV*

I heard a car door open from outside and faked being asleep. Jacee was right next to me sleeping, and the rest of the boys were chained to the poles across the room. Caitlin was cuddled up with Harry and I assumed Hayley and Niall were about  to be pushed downstairs, but I only heard some soft footsteps and a little crying.


I was scared to see Niall. I was going to have to tell him what happened, but I was scared he would hurt me. Jacee was getting quite comftorable and started to slip down my chest, her head landed on my lap and she looked up at me, focusing her eyes from my lips, back up to my eyes. She  pulled her self up my my shoulders and kissed me. Things were getting pretty serious as she pulled my shirt off of herself and then threw it. We were still the only ones down there so she started to tug at my belt. I wanted to let her go further so I did and wow, did she go pretty far. She put my shirt back on and left her shorts behind her. She rested up to me and said, "Niall never wants to do those things with me, he always falls asleep and whenever I try to kiss him , he kisses me back  but never actually seems like he cares." She kissed my lips and placed her head back on my lap, rubbing my leg. She wrapped her legs around mine and fell asleep.


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