The Infection

7 year old Max Stevenson lived in a small town in Mexico. But when a Scientist asks his parents if he could be a person to test on, things go very wrong. The Scientist didn't know what had happened after 24 hours after the test was done until he got a call from a citizen of Max's town that the town was acting differently. The Scientist calls up an agent to go investigate, but when the agent gets there, he notices that what the test was a major disaster ruining the whole town and almost the whole country, and possibly spread through-out all the countries. Will they ever find a cure to the infection the Scientist has created, or will it wipe out every human's life?
*******SHORT STORY********


1. the experiment

One day Max was at school. And he was at science and his scientist asked him to test a experiment he drank the experiment then in 24 hours he turned into a zombie and he infected his hole town and the scientist got a call from a person at Max,s town and he got infected and the scientist said hello are you there then he called a secret agent to find out what was happening then when the agent got there... he freaked out and a zombie behind him bit him and the scientist called and the agent did not answer he went to the town and everyone was a zombie he went in a house and locked everything he was making a cure he added random stuff he poured it on a zombie and it worked but they both got bit and the scientist still had 24 hours till he was a complete zombie he poured it on him then he shot every zombie then he poured the cure on every zombie then he put everyone in the hospital and they all woke up.


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