Is it love? ( Zayn Malik fan-fiction)

I'm not good with these so I'm just gonna say read the first pages and if you don't like it stop reading it but on the other hand if you love it keep reading it and tell me if you like it and want me to write a sequel or something

Xx love ya ,Brit
P.s. if you like my story and you want me to update just comment, and if you like my story please tell me!! Because I feel like no one likes it.. So I feel no need to update..:)


2. Packing almost my whole room

"Hi mom", I yell cheerily, " guess what!"
"What?" She asks sarcastically.
" okay first of all.. I'm staying at Dani's house until the end of senior year but you already knew that but... We're going to a one direction concert in two days and I'm staying at Dani's house tonight and tomorrow night.. So I guess tonight is my last night here for a while.."
" I want you to stay here long enough tonight to say goodbye to your father.."
"Okay", I say as I bear hug my mom almost crying, " I love you mum! I really do I'm going to miss you.."
My dad soon after walks through the door looking around at my mum and I. I get up and get on my tiptoes to hug my dad. He asked me why was I hugging him but I guess he forgot about me staying with dani for awhile. "Dad I'm staying with dani for a while and this is my last time seeing you for a while... I just wanted to tell you and mum that I love you guys so if anything happens it will be one of the last things I say to you.." I say tears now streaming down my face.
I grab my keys and walk out of the door only looking back once. I blast the radio to clear the thoughts out of my head when my favorite song comes on so I sing along with it.
"We've got a bit of love/hate
You take me to the edge then you hit the brakes
I say it's over one day,
But then I'm crawling back begging you to stay
We make up and we break up all the time"
I sung until I got to Dani's house.
The day went by like burning paper, really fast. The nights felt like I was asleep for only a minute. But inside I knew very well that the days were twenty four hours long.
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