Is it love? ( Zayn Malik fan-fiction)

I'm not good with these so I'm just gonna say read the first pages and if you don't like it stop reading it but on the other hand if you love it keep reading it and tell me if you like it and want me to write a sequel or something

Xx love ya ,Brit
P.s. if you like my story and you want me to update just comment, and if you like my story please tell me!! Because I feel like no one likes it.. So I feel no need to update..:)


4. Niall and Dani

Nails POV..
I know this might be very weird but I think I love this girl and I don't even know her name yet I think it's Dani but I don't think that's her whole name. I think it would be a little early to ask her to be my girlfriend so I look at her practically stare at her but I can't help it. She looks back at me with her blueish-purple hair and her beautiful blue eyes, with out thinking I slowly lean in and kiss her on the lips softly. I quickly pull away noticing what I've done and I say " I'm so sorry I don't know what I was thinking I should probably go now.."
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