Is it love? ( Zayn Malik fan-fiction)

I'm not good with these so I'm just gonna say read the first pages and if you don't like it stop reading it but on the other hand if you love it keep reading it and tell me if you like it and want me to write a sequel or something

Xx love ya ,Brit
P.s. if you like my story and you want me to update just comment, and if you like my story please tell me!! Because I feel like no one likes it.. So I feel no need to update..:)


6. In Nando's

Zayn's POV 

"Hey zayn..hey Brit" louis said. "I need to go to the bathroom, I'll be back!" Britt said. "hurry back!" We all said in unison. "So Zayn.. Is there something going on between you guys, ya know you and brittany?" Did he see us out there? "Umm yeah mate.. I think there is, I don't know if she loves me back or not.. I mean I really really like her but if she doesn't love me back I don't know what I'll do.." 

Brittany's POV 
I walked out of the bathroom and I swore I heard them talking about me. Then I started to eavesdrop into the conversation. I heard Zayn say "Umm yeah mate.. I think there is, I don't know if she loves me back or not.. I mean I really really like her but if she doesn't love me back I don't know what I'll do.." What if he thinks I don't love him and he try's to kill himself. I wouldn't be able to live with myself for just letting him go ahead and do that. Zayn just then sees me and then motions me to sit next to him. We eat our food while joking around.


Niall's POV 

Dani was on top of me on the couch kissing me on the lips when the guys and Britt barge in and then cover their eyes and back out and then knock on the door. " hey guys.. Are you done scarring our eyes yet?" Dani walks to the door and stuck her face out and motioned me to come to her. I got up and walked to the door and she pulled me close and kissed me on the lips I. Front of the guys. Liam made a face like he was about to puke. We moved and let them in the flat. Zayn pulled britt into his room with him and shut the door. "Hey guys" dani whispered," Is there something going in between those two that I don't know about?" 

"I don't know dani is there something going on between you and Niall?" Liam quickly says thinking back to seeing us making out on the couch when they rudely barged in and ruined our moment. I then started to think about how we've been kissing and stuff. We haven't even made it official that we like each other a lot. I get up and pick up dani bridal style pulling her into my room. She was laughing so hard her face turned red. 

" Niall what are we doing in here? I feel like your going to rape me.." 

"Well you know what they say its not really rape if its willing" I say.

She closes the space between us with a kiss. I pull away thinking about what the guys and I just talked about in the living room earlier.

"is something wrong Niall?" Dani says.

Dani's POV 

"Well not exactly its just we've been kissing a lot but there's something I've gotta ask you..."Niall says in his hot Irish accent" come outside with me for a brief moment. I walk outside with him and we walk to his back yard and lie in the grass and he points to the sky. He tells me to watch and a jet takes off. It seemed like it was spelling the words Dani will you be my girlfriend. I look over to see him staring and smiling at me. 

"So will you be my beautiful girlfriend?"

"yes....yes I'd love to be your girlfriend" I say.

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