Is it love? ( Zayn Malik fan-fiction)

I'm not good with these so I'm just gonna say read the first pages and if you don't like it stop reading it but on the other hand if you love it keep reading it and tell me if you like it and want me to write a sequel or something

Xx love ya ,Brit
P.s. if you like my story and you want me to update just comment, and if you like my story please tell me!! Because I feel like no one likes it.. So I feel no need to update..:)


7. I love you

Britt's POV 

So I know we've only been here a couple of days but I think we really need to go home and finish high school, I wish I could tell them I needed to go but I don't think I could do that.. I thought. We stay up till like 2:00am watching toy story and 21jump street all night. When 21 jump street ended I stood up and pecked Zayn on the lips and said I had to go home. Zayn pulled me down onto his lap and whispered in my ear

" you don't have to go home you can sleep here.." Zayn whispers in his sexy sleepy voice.

" Where would I sleep?" I say.

" You could sleep in my bed." He says.

"but you need to sleep there I'm not going to kick you out of your own-" he just cut me off by saying

" no you're going to sleep with me..

"oh" I say dumbfounded. I get up and drag him to bed. I make him lie down first then I tell him to turn over while I stripped into only my bra and matching undies! I got under the covers and told him he could look now. He turned over and wrapped his warm arm around my waist giving me chills of love. " I love you" I say. 

"I love you more" he says the kisses my bare shoulder blade.


Britt's POV 

I wake up to see Zayn's naked body. He was changing while I was in the room asleep. I flip over and look away from his tan body. "REALLY!" I yelled. He turned around and noticed I was awake and hurriedly got dressed and then said

"I'm sorry but I know you liked what you saw." 

 "Eww! Never!" I yelled as I hit him in the face with my pillow. He stole the pillow from me and threw t

it back on the bed and he held my arms against his chest and slowly leaned in and kissed me. Our kiss lasted a couple of minutes until dani texted me. I pulled away and looked at the texted with my head leaning against Zayn's. he read the text too. She told me to meet her across the street for a girls day. Zayn huffed and flopped on the bed and made a sad face. I walked over to him and sat on his lap and gave him a kiss and said I was sorry and that I needed to go or she'd be mad a me for ditching her for you. I stood up and so did Zayn I hugged him then turned around to check my hair and makeup and Zayn wrapped his arms around my waist kissing me on my head and then resting his chin there. I pulled away from him and said I had to go and I walked away. 

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