Is it love? ( Zayn Malik fan-fiction)

I'm not good with these so I'm just gonna say read the first pages and if you don't like it stop reading it but on the other hand if you love it keep reading it and tell me if you like it and want me to write a sequel or something

Xx love ya ,Brit
P.s. if you like my story and you want me to update just comment, and if you like my story please tell me!! Because I feel like no one likes it.. So I feel no need to update..:)


9. Fight

Brittany's POV 


we headed out of the mall and started walking and talking about what Zayn would do if he ever found out harry kissed me. We got closer to the door of the flat when I heard Zayn yell "WAIT WHAT THE HELL DID HARRY DO?" I knew he was outside doing something because we didn't see anyone walk out of the flat. "Zayn calm down.. It was an accident... He didn't even kiss me.." I said wi my hands on his shirtless chest. He try'd calming down to talk to me without yelling. 

" yeah but that doesn't mean he wouldn't have kissed you if you didn't notice before you moved your head." He said trying to hold back his anger but with every word he started getting louder. He turned around facing a big tree and punched it with as much force as I think he could've used. His hand was red but not swollen or broken so I think he could've punched the tree harder. But luckily he didn't so I started to say..

" But Zayn were not even dating why does it even matter?? I'm not yours.. Even if he did kiss me it wouldn't have meant anything because I love you not him.." I said meaning every word. Zayn leaned down kissing me with more passion than he ever has. He put his hands on my hips and I lifted my hands putting one around his neck while the other was pulling his hair. He hitched my legs on his hips putting his hands under my butt pushing me against a tree. I pulled away biting my lip and I whispered in his ear telling him to take us to his room where we can finish. I slammed the door and he immediately pushed me against the door, me still on his hips, he pulls away asking "we're you being serious?"

"Yes.. Ever since I met you I've wanted to be with you... I do love you though.. I always will no matter what.."

We started kissing again and he pulled my top off throwing it on the floor.. The same with his. Without pulling apart he put me on the bed and laid on top of me softly kissing my neck making me moan. He pulled away asking "are you sure you wanna do this? I mean I'm not pushing you to do anything you don't want to.."

"Zayn I'm sure, I've never wanted anything but you and right now is about the most you could give me.."

and then I think you know how that ends..


Brittany's POV 

i awoke laying on Zayn's bare chest. I pull up the covers and see that we're both naked. Did we? I picked up my phone from his bedside table checking twitter seeing a tweet from Niall to dani saying 

@NiallOfficial: I love you @Danihite 

I tried to sit up but I immediately fell back onto the bed crying softly . I think I woke Zayn because he asked me if I was okay.

"no I'm not okay.. I hurt in a place.."

" I'm sorry was I too..... Rough??"

"I don't know.. I can't remember.. All I know is I need to get up so I can use the bathroom because i really have to pee."

"okay", he said " I'm sorry if this hurts more than it was supposed to but I'm gonna try.."

and with that he quickly pulled me off of the bed and I squeal in pain.. He grabs my waist and guides me into the bathroom making sure I don't fall. I wait for him to leave the bathroom after telling him to get me pain pills. When I'm done using the bathroom I just sit there waiting for him to get back up here with my pain pills.. A few minutes later he knocks at the door asking to come in. He gave me the pills and I took them and tried to stand up but then I fell. I yelled Zayn's name for help because he left to go change. He came in and picked me up bridal style carrying me downstairs. I sat on the couch and fell asleep to Zayn singing to me. I awoke to the sound of people in the room. I guess everyone's up now, I thought. I opened my eyes to see Zayn's face like two inches from mine. He laughed because he made me jump and then he kissed me. He got on the floor on his knees saying my full name. He asked " will you do me the honors of being my girlfriend?" 


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