My love for you is like diarrhea, I just can't hold it in

Darian and Rayanne are now officially married and are honeymooning it up in Fiji... But, not for too long when things take an unexpected turn and they end up in London where they decide to spend the remainder of their marriage life...

Ali's is a girl who speaks her mind, but, after getting fired from a large company she remains awfully mute. Not willing to talk to anyone, she manages to capture the heart of Lukah Roberts, Darian's half-brother. These two have a rocky start, middle and end.

Read to find out what the fate of these two couples will be.


1. + Prologue

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Hey hey hey! This book is actually a sequel based off another book I wrote and is up on for those who are interested. But having said this I posted this story up because I found it more enjoyable then the previous one (book 1). So yeah I'll end up changing things around in this one so you guys are able to understand the past references that have been made and if not here's the link to first installment which is quite lengthy hence another reason as to why i didn't post it up here haha -  

My fans on Wattpad really enjoyed this ongoing series that I wrote up just for the fun of it so I hope that the response will be just as equivalent :) 

Anyways enjoy my lovelies! xox 



"O-Okay, sweetheart you need to put me down," I giggled as Darian was carrying me through the doors of our hotel room. Everything was done and over with. My dream wedding had happened, I've been blessed with great things and now here I was at a nearby 5 star hotel.

Darian was slightly drunk. Maybe more, but he was knocked up for sure.

"Don't be silly, Ray," he slurred and I gawked at him. I shouldn't have promised him that drink, because he couldn't stop himself afterwards. He kept saying how it'll ease him up for later.

He kicked open the door and wobbled in. He threw me ontop of the bed and kicked the door shut.

He leaped onto the bed and admirably looked at me waiting for something.

"What shall we do?" he asked in a cheeky manner and I felt as if all of this was deja vu.

I smiled at him and ruffled his hair, as he threw on the cutest pout for a grown man. "Sleep," I whispered to him, as it was nearly 2 in the morning. We partied hard at the reception, I mean I can still remember it all.

How I cried when my mother said I was on my own now, how I literallly danced the night away with everyone and practically anyone! I swallowed thinking about the new life I was now going to begin with someone I really loved.

"Sleep is for babies," he complained, and then softly leaped on top of me. I felt my heart thunder like it did when I saw him for the first time.

"Let's do something fun!" he smirked and I couldn't seem to follow.

"No, you're going to end up puking on me.." I told him and his face crumpled up.

"No, Ray I won't," he urged and then soon gave a brief pause as his cheeks puffed up and he held up a finger.

He darted out to the washroom and you could hear the chorus of retches coming out. I laughed, knowing my intentions were correct..

I stopped giggling when I saw him walking out of the stall looking glum with his shoulders sulked. He climbed into the bed and laid on his back and pulled the covers over his head.

I could feel his hands roughly pulling me down and I did. I laid there next to him face to face under the white duvets.

"Tomorrow, we're outta here," he declared, "I'm going take you somewhere beautiful!"

I smiled widely as he caressed my face with his hands.

"Kay," I breathed, and then gave him a peck, I let my lips linger there which led to us both blissfully smiling into it.

"Love you," I said with my eyes closed.

"Love you too," he murmured back before dozing off into his own world.










February 15th 2010.


"Why am I blindfolded again?" I asked as I was being impatiently pushed forward. I had a blindfold and a pair of sound proof ear plugs. I really didn't understand why but, Darian insisted that I had kept them on it was suppose to be a surprise.

I mean I had to even wear them on the flight over. This was ridculous but, willingly I went along with it finding it slightly sweet of him to do something like this.

"BECAUSE..." he emphasized, "it's a surprise.."

I laughed, as I felt him steady me off the private jet. And yes he owned that..

I wobbled my way down the staircase and onto something soft. I sniffed the air above me and it smelt different..

I felt a gentle breeze brush my face and stir up my hair. This all felt so nice wish I could see it now, but knowing Darian by now he always loved to build up the tension.

I was wearing summer dress as I was told to wear it, and a pair of shoes. But, thank god I was wearing a dress because my was it hot! I could feel my skin swelter in the sudden heat. I mean I was standing here for about 5 minutes and I was beginning to sweat like a donkey.

"Anytime now.." I stated and I could hear his low laugh.

"You ready?" he asked as I could tell he was smirking in my ear. I nodded, and I could feel the earplugs come off first which allowed me to hear the beautiful sounds of nature. Things such as water that was rushing loudly.

Soon I felt the blindfold loosen and fall off, revealing my closed eyes.

I inhaled and slowly opened my eyes to be speechless.

Utterly breathless.

I stood there dumbfounded as all the air out of me was knocked out and recaptured again.

In front of my eyes played a breath-taking scenery. It was a beach with golden sand and foamy sea green waves that crashed onto the shore. The sky a perfect shade of blue, accented the palm trees that bordered the beach.

My hair was set into beach waves as I was now standing really close the water. I inhaled the aroma, it was exotic and unique, nothing like the beaches back home.

The gentle breeze set the tone as I stood there in awe for a couple minutes admiring the scenery.

I could get used to this, I thought to myself.

I snapped out of my trance when I felt something being place ontop of my head. I ducked a little in surprise. "Oh!"

I smiled up to see Darian delicately placing a flower reef ontop of my head. It was huge but so sweet of him, I flushed pink as he stared at the reef and then at me.

"Oh wow," I murmured trying to look up at the reef, and then gently grabbed both of his hands.

I stared at him for some time.

"I heard Fiji was your dream destination," Darian said, with a low smirk and I nodded.

"How'd you know?" I breathed lost in his eyes.

His smirk grew even wider. "Don't you think I know you by now?" he asked and I smiled at him, as I let my head fall into his chest.

"Thanks, Dar," I mumbled into his chest, and I felt him lightly kiss my head.

"No problem babe," he replied, and I smiled into his chest. I quickly pulled away and then laughed as I backed away from him with a devious smile.

He stared at me cautiously.

I gave him a wink and then ran. "Hey!" he hollered as I ran, he didn't bother running after me which was good because I just wanted to be free. I kicked off my shoes and felt the grainy sand beneath my feet as I ran towards the shore.

I ran into the waves and felt the cold water cover my skin. Mmm, it felt good.

I wanted to strip down and dive into the water and get my hair wet.

I kicked the water for some time and then reluctantly backed out. I sighed at the feeling I had slowly setting within me.

I picked up my shoes and strolled a little further away from the water. I fell to my knees and them sat there still, before I swiftly turned around to see Darian leaning against a palm tree looking all seductive. He smiled at me from a far as I turned around.

I let my hands roam the ground for awhile before I picked up a handful of sand, and let it slip through my fingers. I sighed heavily and blissfully.

Soon I noticed a child who had appeared in front of me all of a sudden. I looked at the little girl and smiled.

"Hello," I said, and she smiled not replying back. I assumed she couldn't speak english.

"Wanna help me make a sand castle?" I asked her with my head tilted to the side and her smile grew even wider as she nodded eagerly. I laughed at her enthusiasm as we both began patting and collecting piles of sand. She soon ran to fetch her pail and shovel set she had.

Along with that she collected tons of shells for the final finish.

We both had a blast making a gigantic sand castle. She was so adorable, I didn't know whose kid she was but, they were lucky to have someone sweet as her. Such a bundle of joy..

I occasionally peered behind me to see if Darian was there and he was there at that exact spot resting against that palm tree watching with interest and class. Not something Darian did was fool around..

"Hey, tightpants," I called out for him as I dumped the bucket full of sand onto the ground and looked back again to see Darian looking confused. "Yeah you, we are on a honeymoon remember.."

He chortled to himself and I could see he was saying something to himself though I couldn't make out what it was.

"I know," he hollered and I rolled my eyes and brought my focus back to the well progressing sand castle. "What's your name sweetheart?" I asked the child.

"Mia," she said in the cutest voice, as she smiled pushing her bronze cheeks up. She looked like a little Lilo look alike!

"Aw, why hello there Mi--" and before I could finish, I felt a rush of water come over me, drenching me completely. I was gawking with my arms out. I could hear clapping and laughter all coming from Mia and none other then Darian.

"DARIAN!" I screeched, and I heard him laugh.

"Was this your much anticipated honeymoon?" he asked in a devious manner and my mouth went wider.

"That's it, now you're asking for crabs down your pants!" I laughed and looked at me with a 'oh you wouldn't dare' expression.

"Come at me brah," he beckoned in a challenging manner and I stumbled up to chase him, though he was a lot faster. I blame the sand for slowing me down as I tripped numerous times just to catch him.

I could hear tiny Mia giggling at the spot I had left her at earlier.

After a tiresome chase I managed to pin him down. "Now you are going to pay," I threatened him and he raised a brow.

"Is that so?" he asked.


About 10 minutes had passed by and Darian was buried in the sand with his head poking out. Mia and I were burying him in the sand.

"Not the way I had planned," groaned Darian as he was expecting something else.

"Why what did you have in mind?" I asked him squinting at him, and gave him a toothy grin, as I patted his leg with more sand. Mia joined patting sand on his chest.

"Oh, I don't know..something a little less itchy!" he sarcastically stated which made me smile, as he stiffly squirmed.

"Well that's what you get for dumping salt water on me," I said in a matter of factly tone and he frowned.

"Now Mia, don't put sand in Uncle Darian's hair, okay?" he gently instructed the little girl as she nodded and patted more sand on his shoulder.

"Ok," she answered some what understandingly.

He smiled at her. "Cute kid, wonder who she belongs to.." he asked as he stared at Mia and then at me.

I was patting but then I stopped. "Beats me," I told him, "she came up to me as if she knew me.."

Darian looked at her curiously, and then watched her as she was intently patting the sand with her small hands. After a few minutes we had finished everything.

I stood up and so did Mia, we both backed away admiring our sculpture. I didn't have my bag with me or else I would have taken a photo.

"How do I look ladies?" he asked in a deep tone.

I looked at Mia and she looked up at me and we laughed. I curtly picked her up into my arms.

"Come on Mia let's go get some ice cream," I told her and then ran away.

"Hey, hey, HEEEYYYY!!" Darian boomed and I laughed, "I feel something crawling up my pants! Oh god.."

"Come on!" I called him and the ran up to the nearest shack to the shore. A tiny food shack was there and I hoped they could atleast speak some english.

"Three soft serve on a waffle cone, please," I told the young boy who worked there and he nodded as he walked away.

"3.50," he said in a shy tone, as he handed over the cones. I set Mia down, and handed her two while I had to retrieve some money I had stashed in my dress pocket.

"Here you go," I said giving him the exact change, and I walked away with Mia and two cones now in my hands. I walked back to see Darian was there but was sitting on a blanket staring ahead.

I walked along with Mia with a cone in my hand. Licking it in content, like a little girl.

I plopped next to Darian on the blanket and handed him a cone. He looked down at it and smiled.

"You left me with ants in my pants," he grumbled and I sniggered, quietly.

"Sorry babe," I said, "I got you ice cream?"

"I don't want it," he sternly said handing it back to me.

"It's fudge ripple, your favourite," I teased him and he sighed.

"Give it to me," he stated and I handed it over to him again.

"It's going to get dark soon," Darian said, peering over at me.

I looked at Mia, who was not paying attention but, was merrily licking her ice cream as it was now all over her.

"Mia!" a women called out for, and I turned my head around.

"Mia!" Mia turned her head around and soon she stood up.

She stared at us briefly before running away to her mother I had assumed. I leaned back and watched her worried mother chide her as she hung her head low.

"I really like Mia," I said looking at her as she waved silently at us and we waved back with a smile.

"Me too, I hope to see more of her sometime," Darian said as he finally took a bite out of his ice cream.

We both stayed relaxed on the beach as people were around us enjoying the sun set which was about to occur. Couples like us now began to come out and walk the beach.

I sighed as I leaned into Darian and slurped on my ice cream.

Things were great.

Life was great..

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