It's Hard to Keep a Secret •One Direction FanFiction•

Nala Elliot has known Niall Horan since she was born and he was 3... Niall has known about Nala's weird mutation the whole time and doesn't treat Nala any different. Being a Hybrid is hard to hide, especially when your ears and tails are different from every own else's. Of course Niall would love the constant cuddling and attention from Nala, but once Niall left for X-Factor Nala was left lonely and upset greatly. Coming home after the Take Me Home Tour for a break, Niall runs into Nala, only to find out that her secret... Isn't a secret. Niall tries to hide the fact that Nala is different from the boys but will Niall become jealous of the attention Nala gives the other boys? Or will he get jealous over the boys paying so much attention to Nala and flirting with her? So much can happen... When it's hard to keep a secret.

Also written on Wattpad (updated better on there too) under the username SelenaGayle


1. Chapter One - Free

Nala's POV

I always thought being part cat was strange... Especially when my mum always told me to make sure my ears were hidden or to make sure my tail was wrapped securely. Dogs had never liked me and others always thought that was weird and slightly suspicious. And I suppose at times I never liked me either because I started noticing, no one else was like me...

Then there's my best friend Niall.

Niall is the most kind, fun, energetic person you will ever meet! But he's also the most trustworthy person.

Niall always told me "You being different is a good thing... You're special and unique. And no one can change you!" Those words were permanently etched into my mind.

Yet, I always knew that maybe someone could change me by even saying the slightest thing.

When Niall left to audition for the X-Factor, of course I was happy! But... I was also scared. Niall was the only person I'd ever trusted besides my family and his family. Niall knew everything about me and I knew everything about him!

I covered my sadness when Niall got through to boot camp and the live shows, because I knew I was being selfish If I told him. And I knew that if I told Niall that I was the least bit sad, he wouldn't dare to go. I also knew that Niall now had four new best friends that were like his brothers. It was then... When i saw Niall on T.V. for the first time that I realized nothing would ever be the same ever again. I honestly didn't even know if I wanted my Niall back because of fear of him being a totally different person.

School had gotten rough because I no longer had anyone! My lunch hours were spent alone or in a bathroom stall hiding from the girls who liked to bully me. Even though Niall would have already graduated by now if he had stayed back and never auditioned, I'm still so lonely and wishing he had at least stayed in contact with me.

After all... He did say I was the most important thing in his life. I guess that's changed since then.

I guess you could say I'm a moody person? Well... Hybrid? Who am I kidding! I am such a moody hybrid!

I can easily get angered but I mainly stay calm and very... Cuddly...

How I became a hybrid? Well... Mum says that every fifth generation of a hybrid family a hybrid comes along or if one of the parents are already hybrids or a hybrid. That's a lot of hybrids for one sentence...

Of course with that all being said... It wasn't until now... That ME and all the other hybrids in the world... Have become known and legal!

We were always in danger of scientists finding us and testing on our bodies! But now? Now we all have the same rights as everyone else! Of course most of us still hide ourselves because... Well... We are still in risk of being tested on even though it may be illegal.

A few months ago I ran into multiple other hybrids around my age that were planning on how to make all hybrids have the same rights. Now I've become close with them all and I couldn't be more happy. Well... Actually I could.

The fact that Niall still hasn't contacted me to this day makes me sad. I constantly hide from the world in small places that mum has provided around the house for me.

She found out when I was young that if she didn't want me to get hurt in weird places when I hid, that she would have to renovate the house slightly to make some for me.

But I was found sitting in the window seat up in the attic quite often, even if I wasn't upset.

Having mum and dad both being originally from Canada had made my irish accent less noticeable, as we had recently moved to London England. Now me and mum live in a small house there while Dad had decided to stay back to work.

Moving had definitely been the better choice too! Because I had finally met someone like me. Someone different.

So far during the last few months I've only met two kinds of hybrids... Canines and felines... And even then I've only met cats, dogs and a fox!

I'm a feline...

Sometimes I wonder of Niall has forgotten about me or if he just doesn't want anything to do with me anymore... I can get quite emotional about it sometimes. So much so, that I have to lock myself in my room and hide for a few days.

Eventually, Mum even had to take me out of school and homeschool me because girls had started making fun of me for having no friends or saying Niall hated me... Sadly, I started believing them before my mum had pulled me out.

I always wonder what I've done wrong to have Niall not want me as a friend anymore. I started believing that Niall hated me and I've even convinced myself that he only went to X-Factor to get away from me.

Having no one around to be my friend had made a huge impact on my life. I was only 13 when Niall left. Now I've just turned 16... And I was rewarded with meeting other hybrids. Of course I've become great friends with them... But not best friends or close enough I tell my biggest darkest secrets to.

It's also hard because I keep in all of these emotions and let them out at the wrong times. Mum worries about me a lot but I try to stay okay and happy to make sure she doesn't worry as much. I'm already such a hassle on her.

"Nala! Come on!" The voice of Cassandra Willow pulls me out of my train of thought as I looked down to the bottom of the stairs. My nose filled with the harsh scent of the newly fallen leaves that scattered across the sky and ground, reds and yellows portraying the soon to come season that finished off the warm summer breeze.

Cassandra waited at the bottom of the court stairs entrance outside in London, England while the wind cascading through her long pitch black hair effortlessly... I could just make out her fuzzy black cat ears underneath all of her hair as she waited eagerly with the three other hybrids I had recently become very close with.

Connor Michaels bounced on the heels of his feet excitedly, his mop of brown feathery fringe flopping across his forehead. I noticed he tried to cover his big brown pointy dog ears under his hair and his sports wrap stuck snugly around his waist containing his (most likely) wagging tail.

Jake Mathews grinned up the staircase at me, as his hands were stuffed deeply into the pockets of his black jeans. His blonde hair was styled up in a quiff (much like how Niall wears his now) covering his blonde cat ears that he could never get to stay down properly. Jake never had to wear a sports wrap because he could control his tail better than me and the others.

Finally was Anna Burns... Her fire red hair feathered perfectly around her face in the normal spikey like hair style she wore everyday. She had her tail wrapped up in a sports wrap as well, holding down her white tipped fox tail... She smiled up at me in a reassuring way and I could see her ice blue eyes that matched mine perfectly even while being so far away from her.

I looked down at the stairs, smiling to myself as I felt my white/blonde hair whip around my face. I pushed my hair back, feeling it land lightly across my middle and lower back before I started to run swiftly down the staircase towards my awaiting group of friends.

"Nala... This is what I like to call... Being normal." Anna hugged me tightly as we all got into a big group hug. I breathed in the pumpkin spice scent she always seemed to have where ever she went before we all pulled apart from the big group of tangled arms and laughed as Jake spoke up.

"Well actually, We're better than everyone else love..." Jake corrected knowingly as if it were the most obvious thing in the world.

"I think this whole thing calls for a celebration!" Cassandra yelled, slinging her arm around my shoulders and resting her head on them too. "After all... We are finally able to go out knowing that we aren't in danger anymore!" I grinned at her before we all started walking throughout London, heading to the nearest fast food place nearby.


"Do you guys have any friends?" I asked, setting my cheeseburger down on the McDonald's wrapper as I sat on top of Jakes car that we had ended up going to get since his house wasn't too far away.

"Of course we do!" Connor scoffed and then laughed lightly knowing that I probably meant differently. I chuckled realizing how bad my wording was.

"No I mean..." I but my lip lightly, looking out at the park and pond we parked the car near. "Like," I sighed, searching for the words in my mind, "A normal person... As a friend?" I asked nervously, hoping someone could maybe relate to my whole situation.

"Ahhh!" Anna grinned as my words became clearer in her mind. "Of course babe!" She smiled, looking up at me from the hood of the black range rover. "Just because we are different from most others doesn't mean that we can't be a part of society and have normal people as friends." I smiled as her wise words were made sure to be imprinted into my mind before I ate a few of my chips/fries.

"Like... I had only one friend but he hasn't contacted or seen me in over two years... I just.. Always get upset about it." I tried to hide the fact that it was making me emotional, by taking a bite of my burger.

"Babe..." Jake climbed on top of the roof with me and sat next to me closely. "Whoever this was doesn't know how special you are and they have lost the most wonderful thing in their life."

"But that's the thing! He knew I was special and he was the one who made me feel special." I furrowed my eyebrows. "He just doesn't want me anymore." I blew air put of my nose roughly, before finishing my burger and sipping on my Pepsi silently.

"I'm sure he's had reasons love..." Jake smiled at me and nuzzled his forehead into my neck warmly. I am in no mood to be cuddly right now, was all I thought before shrugging away from Jake.

"So who's this person you're talking about?" Cassandra butted in and I took notice of how much of a messy eater she is. I made a note in the back of my head to make sure never to eat next to her.

"He's just... An old friend." I sighed lightly before continuing. "He means a lot to me and I really miss him... He knows about me being a hybrid and he never treated me like I was different. He made me feel normal. Now that he's been gone? I guess I just don't feel like myself anymore." I smiled numbly Before sighing once again.

Nialls' face flashed through my mind as I looked down at my white skinny jeans.

"He made me feel better about myself." I smiled genuinely.

"Why don't you try contacting him?" Cassandra wondered, looking at me confusedly.

I shook my head gently. "I'm too scared. I don't want to have the feeling of rejection." That was partially true. But I also didn't want him to end up being a different person from being famous and then not liking me anymore.

"Well Hon..." Anna smiled reassuringly again. "I'm sure... Deep down inside this person still loves you." I took in shaky breaths as I nodded in understandment even though it should have been in agreement.

"I know I love you!!" Jake grinned and I saw his emerald green eyes peer into mine lovingly and jokingly.

"I love you too Jake..." I joked back and slid off of the roof of his car carefully to not damage any part of it.

"I feel so loved!" He cried out in enthusiasm as he jumped up on the roof of the car. He pounded on his chest with balled fists before jumping off the top and landed on his feet.

I chuckled at his childish behaviour before gathering up and cleaning our garbage and throwing it away in a nearby trash bin.

I looked forward at the pond to see all sorts of things happening. I noticed a few young children on the other side of the pond trying to skip rocks along the top of the water, only succeeding every few tries and then trying again.

A frog sat low in the marshy part examining across the pond before disappearing into the liquid and popping bak up again a few seconds later in a different spot.

A mother duck swam by in the pond followed by her small yellow, fluffy ducklings and leaving behind, the trail of rippling water that soon demolished.

"Well... What do you guys want to do?" Connor interrupted my watching by cocking an eyebrow at every one of us, making Cassandra giggle lightly.

I ran my hand through my long really layered hair before covering my ears back up.

"Could you drop me off at the grocery store near me and my mums house? She told me to pick up more milk..." I said sheepishly, knowing I was the cause for us always being out of milk.

"Yeah sure!" Jake smiled as we all piled into the vehicle.

"Thanks..." I smiled before he started the car.


"Are you sure you don't want us to wait love?" Anna looked around cautiously and worried across the parking lot and near the store entrance. "We could always wait for you... We really don't mind! We can drive you home!" She grinned and I shook my yea once more.

"We don't have to worry anymore babe... I'm fine now. We're fine now." Anna nodded in reassurance to herself and I knew she was still trying to wrap her head around the idea of finally being safe and not having to run and hide.

"I'll see you soon... Tomorrow. I'll text you too! You'll know I'm fine then!" I smiled at her and started heading towards the grocery store. I looked back at Anna once I reached the entrance and waved goodbye to her. She waved and finally got back into Jakes car nervously. Once they were out of sight I walked into the store. I grabbed a basket and headed slowly towards the dairy section, on the other side of the building.

I furrowed my eyebrows as I looked at the dairy products in the cool fridge like wall rack. I gulped nervously as I made sure my ears were covered so I wouldn't draw attention.

I stepped forward slowly and realized no one else was in the isle with me. My eyes scanned the price tags while I took my time.

'It's a simple task!' My mind screamed.

'Get the milk and go!' But something made me feel like a should stay.

I hastily picked up a 2 litre jug of milk and placed it in the basket. I placed two more in and grabbed one with my free hand too.

"That's quite a bit of milk for one girl..." A voice chuckled behind me.

I spun around and my breathing picked up.

"Why so much milk?" The guy smirked at me, well knowing the answer.

"Big family..." I covered up, trying to keep my voice balanced as the other hybrid stared me down.

"You know..." He walked closer to me causing me to back away. "You should try and hide your ears better love..." He whispered, rushing forward and covering my ears for me. I backed away with a huff and scowled at him angrily. He was quite intimidating to be honest... I had only ever met cat hybrids, dog hybrids and a fox hybrid... Never a... Lion?

His brown hair fluffed on his head and the lion tattoo on his upper right arm made him that much more intimidating to me.

"That doesn't matter. Not anymore anyways. Not for you either." I snapped, starting to get defensive, but more so... Scared.

He looked at me like I was and idiot.

"Are you stupi-"

"Mate what are you doing?" A figure rounded the corner and I backed away hurriedly.

"You should be thanking me dumbass." I hissed, my anger boiling as I started walking away. "Fucking lion." I scoffed as I padded away to buy my milk. I sighed realizing that I'm my basket was vanilla flavoured milk.

'Stupid!' My mind screamed at me as I hung my head low while rushing back to the dairy section.

I fought with my thoughts as I headed back to the same aisle where those same two boys were along with four others. I silently put away the milk and swiftly grabbed four of the normal 2% milk jugs hoping I could silently slip away without lion-boy noticing me.

"Is that her?" I hear one of the guys whisper loudly in a strong british accent. He couldn't whisper if his life depended on it.

I waited for the lion guys voice that was bound to come any second. "Yeah man... She's crazy." I roll my eyes as I start to walk away, hoping I would never run into this particular hybrid ever again.

"You're kidding me right?" I froze at this voice. I knew it anywhere.


Word count: 3003

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