Hold On

Shaylin Miller, an ordinary Junior in highschoool, never thought she could fall in love. That is, until she runs into one of the most loved boy bands of all time! One Direction. Almost like she didn't have a choice, she falls head over heels for one of the band mates. Only to learn that he's in a serious relationship. But now that she's fallen, se can't get back up! Will Shaylin learn to let go? Or will she hold on to what can't be hers?


1. Pre-Concert

"Shaylin!" she heard as she was violently shook. "Shay, it's time for school!" Shaylin opened one eye and saw her best friend, Audrey Parker, attempting to get her out of bed. "She's my best friend. She's my best friend. She's my-" "What are you mumbling?" Audrey interrupted, curiously. "Oh, just reminding myself that I love you and I'll regret killing you." Shaylin smirked. Audrey became wide-eyed and leaped from the bed. "I'll just go...erm...do my makeup." Audrey said, backing up. Shaylin sat up and stretched out her arms. She looked at the clock. 6:45. She and Audrey had to be at school by 8:30. "Can I borrow your foundation?" Audrey called from the bathroom. "It's all yours!" Shaylin replied, getting out of bed. "Seriously!?" "No, it's an expression Audrey." Shaylin laughed. "You can use it." Audrey clapped from the bathroom. "Yay! Thanks babe." She cheared. "I want to look extra good for the concert tonight." "Why do you even care about the stupid concert?" "The stupid concert? The concert isn't "stupid!" Audrey gasped. "It'll be a night to remember!" She says theatrically, emphasizing the word "remember." "We'll meet five, forgien hotties, fall in love and get married!" Shaylin rolled her eyes, "And then we'll buy matching beach houses and have kids with them!" Shay played along. "Come on, Audrey. Be practical." Audrey held her chin and made like she was thinking. "Nah, I'm good. I enjoy being fun! You should try it sometimes, Shay!" Audrey joked. "I'm fun!" Shay put up an argument. "I'm going to the concert with you, aren't I?" "Yes! You are! And we're gonna have a ball!" Audrey said dancing around the room. Shay chuckled, "Yes. Yes we will!"


After school, Shay and Audrey met up by Audrey's Mini Cooper. "Okay, so we have four hours before the concert. We need to be there at least an hour early because its a free event. First come, first serve. We're getting good seats!" Audrey babbled. "Drey!" Shaylin silenced her. "First things first. Lets go back to my place and get ready. We'll get there in plenty of time!" Audrey rolled her shoulders and plastered a smile on her tan face. "Then what are we waiting for?" And with that, Shaylin and Audrey quickly drove back to Shaylin's house. When they arrived, Audrey jumped out of the car and practically sprinted into the house. Shaylin tried to keep up. While Shaylin applied a smokey eye, Audrey was pulling everything out of the closet. "What should I wear, Shay?" she panicked. "Try on my romper." Shay called back to her. "Girl, yes! I should just start shopping in your closet!" Audrey said, spinning with the floral romper clung close to her chest. "Does my make up look okay?" Shaylin asked facing Audrey. Drey stopped spinning and examined her make up. She had a gold and brown smokey eye that made her emerald green eyes pop. She had used her knew BB cream and swiped light pink blush on her cheek bones. Audrey took a step forward. "I think," she said rummaging through the makeup, "that a little lipgloss would tie it all together." She smiled, handing Shaylin a light pink color to try. "Thanks. What are you doing with you hair?" Shaylin questioned. "Well I was going to curl it, but now that I'm wearing a romper, I think I'm going to fishtail it instead." Drey answered, twirling a lock of her long blonde hair around her finger. "But...you don't know how to fishtail?" Shaylin pointed out. "Yeah...but you do!" Audrey smiled. "And if you fishtail my hair, I'll curl yours!" She offered. "Well, if you can make my hair look good, it'll be a miracle." Shay contemplated. "But fine. I'll do you hair princess." "Whoo hoo!" Audrey celebrated. "And trust me doll, your hair is like a beautiful, flowing chocolate fountain. It cascades your shoulders and frames your face beautifully! Don't put yourself down!" Shaylin looked at herself in the mirror. The way she saw it, er hair was flat and lifeless. Instead of being down to her hips, like Audrey, her hair barely made it past her breasts. And unlike Audrey, her hair wasn't a beautiful blonde. It was brown. What's special about brown? Brown is the color of p- "Shay, what are you wearing?" Audrey asked, interrupting her thoughts. "White shorts, my army green, ruffled tank top, and my white, army green, and hot pink scarf." Audrey pulled out the clothes she described and looked them up and down. "Kay, I'm officially jealous."


After both girls were completely ready, they looked at themselves in the mirror. "You look gorgeous, Drey." Shaylin complemented Audrey. "Thanks. So do you." "Thanks." Shaylin accepted the complement. As she looked at herself and the outfit, she felt beautiful. Still nothing compared to Audrey, but as beautiful as she could've been. "Now lets go get us some foreign boys!" Drey cheered. "You can. They would never fall for someone like me." "Shay! What did I say about the put downs? Boys are all over you at school! Why are you so scared of love?" Audrey applied a little more lipgloss on and pursed her lips. "Let's go!" But even as they left, the question still rung in Shaylin's ears. "Why are you so scared of love?"
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