Kill Styles

Katlyn has always kiled people but this time she has to kill Harry Styles .
In this amazing adventure she will fall in love with him


7. Yarelis

So today is gonna be amazing my BFF and partner in crime was coming its been a month since im here and i have no progress but me and Harry have been coming very close know its getting harder and harder for me to try and kill him i just need to think. Its 3:00 am im going to pick up yarelis , when i get there she jumps in my arms and saids i miss you i say i miss you to " so whos the boy where gonna go after she says" Harry Styles i said " she laughed so we got home and i here a nock on my door i go over there and there is harry he is just making this harder for me . Yarelis says hello you must be Harry he says yes i close the door and my friend goes i her suitcase and brings out an injection when harry is truned around she tried to inject him i pushed harry and got in the way she yelled  get out they way i didnt move but i didnt get hit ethier harry had called the police and i told them what happen they aressted me i was charged not gultiy for the 5 cases i had 4 years of prison ~THEEND~  of you guys want a sequal please comment and add me on ig: im_naroli

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