Kill Styles

Katlyn has always kiled people but this time she has to kill Harry Styles .
In this amazing adventure she will fall in love with him


5. Chapter 3

I wake up to the air of bacon i  go downstairs  and Harry is the one making bacon i am suprise curly i say to hime he laughs and he said  i love to cook i laughed a bit so i go back up stairs took a shower brushed my teeth and put on some skinnt jeans a  act like a lady think like a boss black shirt and a  chicago bulls  snap back  when i come down i eat some bacon and he said i look pretty i say thank you  then ii see his in  his boxers and i said not to be rude but you cant just be walking in my house with boxers  he then says  sorry he gos back up stairs and gets dress then he says i  should go then i  said no problems then he said the same

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