Kill Styles

Katlyn has always kiled people but this time she has to kill Harry Styles .
In this amazing adventure she will fall in love with him


2. chapter 2

Niall was the first one to say yes.we get to know eachother a little more.Harry was dreamy but what can you do when you are supposed to murder him??????????????????? Dani comes in and says they have to leave . before they left harry invite me to a club tonight . i have  a perfect chance but its to early for me to do it.i get a a text from my dad it says do i know the boy and have i thought of any plans i reply with a yes and  a no 


I jump in the shower brush my teeth and i straighten my hair i put on a Whimsical Lace Crop Top with a black high and low skirt i put on some eyeliner and a little of blush  i hear a knock on the door it was Harry and he said i looked beautifull i blushed i head down and i get lots of compliments and i sayed thank you they all said welcome we make it to the club and i took some shots and danced a lttle it was almost 10:30 so i decided to leave i left my jaket i can feel it chilly outside when  i get home it 11:00 i am about to go to bed when i hear a knock on my door it was Harry i opened and i asked him what are you doing here arent you supposed to be parttying he said he got into an argument with his ex Taylor so he came home i asked if he wanted to sleep here because Taylor was going to be back to the house and he wanted to save arguments for another day 

I thought to my self this is my chance to kill him but its to risky and im new i do not want to blow my cover so quickly  

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