Kill Styles

Katlyn has always kiled people but this time she has to kill Harry Styles .
In this amazing adventure she will fall in love with him



Katlyn pov

ughh waking up in the middle of the night to get my assiment i have muder 5 people and this one is just exsosting.its 5AM i have to take my trip to London . I take my folder from my dad it has my airplane ticket , my hotel pass, and the pictuer of the boy he is kind of cute his curly hair nice smile real dreamy.

 14 Hours Later

I make it to London and i go to the Hilton hotel it very nice and ellegent i loved it nice hotel i have ever been such a nice hotel before. hear a door knock it One Direction i see the curly one hi is very flirty . liam says welcome we llive next door to you nice to meet you. i say the same to harry will always flirt zayn says i laughed then eleanour came with some pie

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