i think i love you

michelle has been his friend for ever like inseperable when the other 1d boys join ther friendship people get jelous, broken hearted, hurt, and evan killed.


3. why did you leave?

harry's pov


i really liked michelle but she liked niall, niall was a heartbreaker. i couldnt see her hurt. but if niall is who she liked then i couldnt stop her from likeing him. i wish it was me though. me she liked. we've been friends for so long and i just cant stand to be her friend anymore. it's killing me to know that i can never be more then that. a friend. i wanted so much more. i wanted her to know i loved her andd her love me back. but i doubt that will ever happen. since the band is on "break" for abut 6 months i think ill just leave. forget about her. and niall. sure ill be back with the boys when tour is back but i cant be around michelle.  its killing me to know that she loves someone else. i have to leave.


michelle's pov


its been like 3 weeks and i havnt talked to harry. the boys said he went to visit his uncle but i think something happened to him. i dont know what but i miss him. i miss our sleepovers our late night talks sharing everything with him i miss him so much.i tried calling him but he didnt answere. this shouldnt be bothering me! i should be happy! the love of my life is mine! niall. he finally asked me out and im not even happy. it feels weird being with him. sure i love him but not as much as i thought i did. i used to cherish him. worship him. hold my breath when he walked by and now its like hes just another face. just another person living on this lonely planet. i feel so alone since harry's gone i miss him. well im going to the movies with niall now so i shouldnt be sad. i grabbed my purse and walked oput the door into nialls car where he just pulled in the driveway. "hey babe" he said with a smile "hey" i said faking a smile back. "wich movie you wanna see?" "um anything i dont care" "ok well watch 'the great and powerful oz'" he said very demanding "okay" i said knowing i would hate it" when we got in the theatar i put my phone on vibrate instead of silent about 30 mins into the movie my phone started to ring whoever it was they could wait i just let it ring after the movie niall not gently at all just took my hand and led me out. he drove me home and man was i glad to be home. i was tired. tired oh niall? maybe. "wana me to stay the night?" he said with a wink and we all know what he was intending with 'stay the night' "umm not tonight" i said awkwardly "why" he said sounding angry "i dont know im just not ready for that we've only been dating for like 3 weeks...." i said trailing off "fine" then he like made out with me and left hes starting to annoy me. i get no say in anything. its like he doesnt care! i walked inside and went to bed. i looked at who called me during the movie and guess who it was!!!!!!!!!! HARRY! a huge smile i dont even know why i smiled but i was happy he tried to contact me! i imediatly called him "hi" he said sounding tired " i miss you so much harry!" i said crying wait why was i crying oh who cares i just missed him so much " i know i miss you too a lot.." he said trailing off "please come back" "no" "why" i said sitting down "i just cant ok im sorry and i hav to go" and with that he hung up. i layed down with his voice spinning in my head why wouldnt he come back? where was he? would i ever talk to him again? was that even him? 


harry's pov


i cried so much after that phone call. how could she not see that i was in love her! it killed me inside knowing that she was happy with niall. niall would soon move on and i knew she wouldnt. i knew she would still love him. but could she ever love me? ever? somehow in her heart would she even consider it? i wish she knew

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