i think i love you

michelle has been his friend for ever like inseperable when the other 1d boys join ther friendship people get jelous, broken hearted, hurt, and evan killed.


14. well that didnt work

broken. that's how i would describe my life. my parents don't get it. they expect me to be fine and just move on but i cant. "hey Michelle breakfast is ready" my little sister said. i remember when i was young she used to tell me that by jumping on me and screaming it, this way is much better.. "i'm not hungry" i say turning away from her "whatever" shes about 14 now and shes a snob but like shes in a band and has a giant crush on this other band called r5 she says shes gonna marry Ross lynch. well look how successful i was. i got harry so maybe she actually will get Ross  "Michelle honey you have to eat" my mom said swinging open my door. shes so annoyed with me. shes thinks i'm useless "i said i'm not hungry" i said trying to keep my tone I've lost all my patience with her. "you cant live like this" she said raising her voice "and why not" "because this inst living this is just not dying" she said almost yelling "you don't get it" i said she didn't say anything so i said "if you lost dad you would be worse so shut up " "no i wouldn't i move on and and keep living" she said rather harsh "wanna bet" i said smirking i know she hated it when i did that "YOU COME IN MY HOUSE AND ALL YOU DO IS LYE AROUND AND SLEEP I MAKE YOU MEALS EVERYDAY AND BRING THEM UP HERE ALL YOU SAY IS OK YOU DON'T EVEN THANK ME" "your point?" i said closing my eyes hoping she could take a hint and leave me alone "why don't you move back in you and your precious harry's flat" she said saying harry with a disgusted tone "WILL YOU JUST SHUT UP  I HATE YOU! WHY DID YOU EVEN HATE HARRY SO MUCH?! YA KNOW THERE WAS A REASON I MOVED AWAY WITH HIM AND IT WAS BECAUSE HE CARED FOR ME SO MUCH MORE THEN YOU EVER COULD" i said sitting up "pack your bags"she said walking out i layed back down just stared at the ceiling. i got up grabbed my suitcase and shoved everything in there and put it at the door. i was putting my shoes on when my mom came back and said "you don't actually have to leave" i knew she felt guilty this was the first time i came to my family in a time of need and she just chased me away. "well i am" i said walking past her "come back if you need to" she said following me "i wont need to" i said grabbing my bag and walking out the house slamming the door behind me. i tossed the bag in my car and got in. i turned on the radio to "canible" by ke$ha and drove back to me and Harry's house. i dragged my bag through the living room and put my clothes away. i tuned on the tv and made some popcorn like me harry used to and that when weird things started to happen.

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