i think i love you

michelle has been his friend for ever like inseperable when the other 1d boys join ther friendship people get jelous, broken hearted, hurt, and evan killed.


10. the funeral

michelle's pov


its the only way i can feel him. when i cut i can feel him trying to stop me. i wonder if hes a ghost, haunting me. i doubt it i wont cut today i'm going his funeral. zayn is here but i don't care i don't love him. i love harry. only harry. i picked myself up put the razor down and walked out. i was in  all black with sunglasses so people couldn't see my smeared makeup. i hate this life. i walked into the living room to be greeted by teary eyed niall and zayn. we drove to funeral in silence. we took our seats and waited. then a priest came and said " we are gathered here today to morn on our beloved harry who we have lost. he will never be forgotten he will always be in our hearts he will always be loved, missed, wanted, needed. harry will be forever young in our hearts." i was already out of tears so i just listened  he turned on a slide show and we all sat and watched it had pictures  of harry and me kissing,hugging, talking, writing, him with the boys, him singing,being silly, him with his family, him when he was young i couldn't watch i turned my head and me and niall stared at each other i guess he had the same feeling. after the slide show louis stood up and gave a speech he said "harry was my best friend at one point people thought we were a couple but no one could take the place of Michelle she knew him better then anyone he loved her so much i remember before he started dating her he had a huge crush on her he blushed when she talked to him,walked by,looked at him, she was his everything harry was full of fun. he loved just spending time with us doing anything but now he cant do those things,he cant see his family,he cant sing he cant love his girlfriend all he can do is watch them live i know hes watching maybe not watching me or the boys but Michelle sure he probaly  checks in on us but i know every night hes with her he loves her and always will i know that if he were her today he'd say ' oh come on lou be a man don't cry not in front of these people' but ya know what" he was already crying and couldn't finish. then i stood up everyone looked shocked. shocked that i could speak. as i was walking i could feel him i knew he was here watching me loving me "harry was my everything" i began "harry IS my everything hes my  boyfriend, my soul mate  my big brother, my best friend like lou said i knew him better then anyone did or does and just the fact that he cant be with me or any of us anymore breaks my heart it breaks all of our hearts but he would want us to stop crying and move on but i wont do that i wont forget him i wont stop loving him i will never love anybody as much as i loved him. and still do love him. hes my world and always will be." and with that i sat down as tears rolled down my cheeks like a flood. after the funeral i just wanted to be alone. i knew i was the one who missed him most i cant do this without him.

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