i think i love you

michelle has been his friend for ever like inseperable when the other 1d boys join ther friendship people get jelous, broken hearted, hurt, and evan killed.


5. mini golf with a little more? nope

harry's pov


i woke up to find Michelle gone. she was probably just downstairs. i walked down stars and there she was making bacon on the stove top. i snuck up behind her and wrapped my arms around her from behind. " good morning  i said hoping she wouldn't think this is to far "well someones happy to be back" she said laughing. i loved her laugh it was so perfect. she out two plates on the table and we ate breakfast. "what ya doing today?" i asked hoping she would say nothing "nothing" "maybe we can go play mini golf?" "sounds like a plan when?" "6:00" "OK" 


michelle's pov


i was starting to feel weird around harry. all tingly and stuff. i.....i think i love him. oh my gosh did i just think that? I CAN NEVER TELL ANYONE! i'm probably just overreacting or something. well we just lied around watching TV until 6:00 came i put on this super cute outfit it was a cute tank top white lace top with pink shorts,a black belt, my hair was up in a braid bun thing, with a black bow on the back bottom of my bun. i looked like a tumblr girl.  we went there and i didn't know how to golf at all. like iv never been golfing and i had no idea how "here ya go" harry said handing me the golf club "um thanks " i said extremely nervous i tried to golf but failed epicly "i don't know how to do this" i told harry while blushing "no problem ill show you" he said then he stood with his body really close behind mine wrapped his arms around mine and guided my hand with his ya know like ya see in the movies. i could all his arm muscles on my shoulder and trust me there was a lot to feel. he helped me swing and there was a long pause afterwards. i started blushing and he pulled away and said "and uh that's how you golf" "OK got it" i said looking down. we continued during the game with very little conversation. he drove me home and walked me to the doorstep "thanks i had fun glad were friends" i said reminding him that were just friends. "oh yea so did i so maybe well do something tomorrow " "i cant i'm going to the movies with my boyfriend niall ugh" i said annoyed "why ugh i thought you liked him?" "hes too demanding and i get no say in anything" "oh well ill see some other time" "OK bye" i said and went inside i went straight to sleep and knew exactly what i needed to do,,,,,get rid of niall. lol just kidding i'm just gonna dump him haha gotcha.


harry's pov


mini golfing was so much fun.i wanted to kiss her when i dropped her off but when she said 'my boyfriend niall' i wanted to cry. i knew they were dating but still i drove home as fast as i could i only lived like 4 houses down so it didn't take long. i ran up to my room and cried myself to sleep. i wish she was mine. i wanted her to love me.

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