i think i love you

michelle has been his friend for ever like inseperable when the other 1d boys join ther friendship people get jelous, broken hearted, hurt, and evan killed.


11. isnt she lovely

i feel so alone but at the same time smothered. zayn wont leave my side since hes caught me cutting three times this week. i just layed in bed and very faintly i heard a voice "Michelle" it kept saying i opened my eyes and stared at the ceiling "look at me Michelle  it was harry's voice but i ignored it i was probably just going crazy. "isn't she lovely" this had been happening a lot "isn't she precious"  it was harry's voice he was singing this happened whenever i was alone i tried talking to boys but they think i'm just crazy "less then one minuet old" tears rolled down my cheeks it actually hurt to hear his voice but whenever i heard it i also felt it. his warm breath on my cold skin. i knew i was just imagining stuff but still it was killing me its been 3 months since his death and iv made no progress of moving on. i cant move on i wont move on. it was about 4:00 am and everyone was still sleeping i turned to face the door and there he was, harry. he was just standing there. he was almost transparent but not quite. i just watched as he stopped singing and walked toward me. he looked down on me and planted one small kiss one forehead before leaving he walked down the hall slowly disappearing  i was scared but at the same time it felt nice to know he was here. but then again it hurt knowing he left. i went to sleep and my heart started racing 


"harry?" i whispered i was in the forest and someone was chasing me i didn't know who but i wanted harry "harry!" "harry help me please i need you!" "Michelle?" he screamed his voice was muffled i couldn't see him but he was close i kept running and then i saw him he was just standing there i started running to him the thing chasing me was still coming but back aways "harry?"  i ran into a glass wall there was  a glass wall separating us. he put his hand up on it and i could see the tears in his face this only made me cry more i put my hand on the glass where his was and just stared in his eyes. he was beautiful but then i remembered the thing chasing me but i was too late it hit me my blood splattered on glass all i could see was harry screaming and crying pounding on the glass he did everything in his power to save me but he couldn't  i wasn't dead but i was being beaten to death i don't who the man was but he hated me. he crushed my head with his foot and i woke up 

*********end of dream******

"are you okay?" zayn said sitting beside me on the bed "why?" i asked "you were screaming harry's name and crying in your sleep" "oh"  "how long have you been here?" i asked curious "only about 15 minuets" he said with a half smile "i'm going to the store need anything?" "no"i said shaking my head. as soon as he left i whispered to myself "now is the time"

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