i think i love you

michelle has been his friend for ever like inseperable when the other 1d boys join ther friendship people get jelous, broken hearted, hurt, and evan killed.


7. i love you to hazza

michelle's pov


"well what now?" i asked hoping he would hug me. i was afraid of what niall would say back. "we wait for a response" harry said handing me my phone "buzzzz" the phone went niall was calling me i put it on speaker so harry could help me with what to say "hello?" i said my voice cracking. "hey what was that last text about" he said laughing "umm i just don't think we make a good couple and should see other people  "why" "because" "because why!" he shouted meanly "because i hate you! your so rude to me and you made fun of my favorite sweatshirt and your just annoying and i deserve someone whose gentle and not as demanding as you!!!!" i screamed into the phone he just hung up "intense" harry said hugging me i didn't want harry to let me go and when he did i said "hold me a little longer?" i felt like a freak saying it but i knew he wouldn't mind "sure haha" he said hugging me again. we situated ourselves so we were spooning and i couldn't stop crying i hated myself for yelling at niall i hated niall and i wanted harry to more then a friend to me. i think i'm in love with him. 


harry's pov


i loved this moment. i didn't want it to end. i finally felt like maybe she loved me back just maybe. she had stopped crying and was just watching TV and i felt like i had to say something. "Michelle can i tell you something?" i said unsure if i should tell her "anything" she said turning to me "i uh" "hmm?" "i'm in love with you" my face turned bright red and i was so afraid of what she would say next she just stared at me expressionless and then BAM! she kissed me! i mean she actually kissed me! it was like electricity!!!!! she pulled away and said "i love you to hazza" and nuzzled into the crook of my neck and fell asleep. i couldn't sleep i was smiling to much. this felt like a dream. 

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