i think i love you

michelle has been his friend for ever like inseperable when the other 1d boys join ther friendship people get jelous, broken hearted, hurt, and evan killed.


9. hazza i miss you

Michelle's pov


the next morning i woke up to harry watching TV "hey babe" he said and i blushed remembering i was now his girlfriend. "good morning" i said pecking him on lips. " aww gross hazz you got some stinky breath!" i said laughing so hard "sorry" he said breathing on me as much as possible while saying it i grabbed some breath freshener and squirted him with it "umm why do you have breath freshener by your bed?" he asked laughing at me "oh no reason" i said blushing remembering the fantasies i had about niall when i was like in love with "oh come tell me" "well when i was younger i would make up fantasies about this one guy about how he came to my house in the middle of the night and asked me out and we lived happily ever after" i said laughing "who's this guy" "nobody" i said said really fast "niall" he said flatly "yea....." i said sighing   "well lets go four wheeling today" he said smiling "sure"

    ******8 months later***********

harry's pov

"babe i'm driving now i'm on my way.........yea theirs a lot of traffic............. OK ill see you when i get there Michelle i love you so much" and then i hung up the phone. i was driving back from my parents house.  i was going over to Michelle. i wanted to propose. maybe not tonight but this month hopefully. i was thinking of what i would say to her, where, when,what i would wear, what she would say when BAM! this drunk driver hit me. the only thing i remember was hitting my head really hard. i just stood ther. watched the paramedics carry my lifeless body into an ambulance  am i dead? no i cant be! i love her! she loves me! i need to be with her!  i watched as the boys and Michelle lined up in tears kissing my dead body goodbye. 


Michele's pov


no nononononononoNO harry was my life! i love him! i always will! he cant be dead!!!!!!!!!! I WILL NEVER LOVE ANYONE ELSE! EVER! harry is mine! and if i cant be with him in this life maybe i will in another! the boys have put me in rehab. they think i'm suicidal. i am. i feel so alone. iv tried to die over 6 times. niall has caught me every time  i stay at zayn's house but hes never home. sometimes i feel like harry is there. stroking my hair,singing to me, idk but weird things have been happening since he died. random stuff falling,i feel like i'm always being watched but i'm probably just cray. the funeral is on Sunday  yes i'm going if i don't harry might think i don't love him. i miss him. a lot. i cant do this anymore i just want the pain to be over. the boys suggest i find another guy but ill never find anyone ass great as harry. every time i see a guy that looks like harry from behind i cry. i cry myself to sleep ever night. i cut myself. i cant do this without harry. 


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