i think i love you

michelle has been his friend for ever like inseperable when the other 1d boys join ther friendship people get jelous, broken hearted, hurt, and evan killed.


4. found you haz

michelle's pov 


i woke up in the middle of the night with a really bad nightmare. i had tear marks on my face and i was shaking and i needed harry. he was always the one who made it better.i thought if i called him he probably wouldn't pick up. i really missed him a lot. i grabbed my phone from the side table and decided it was worth a try. i dialed his number. it kept ringing but from down in my living room i heard his ringtone. he had set a special one for me and it was  wanted by hunter Hayes  i followed the sound to find a sleeping harry on my couch. i was so happy to see him i didn't care how heavy he was i carried him up to my room and lied  him the bed. he was half awake and mumbled the words "i missed you to much to stay away." and fell asleep right in my bed. i was just standing by him looking at him. i thought 'if this is the last i ever see of him, if he decides to leave again i want to remember him like this, beautiful, peaceful, magical, hot ' woah did i just say hot?!?!?! yeah i did and i meant it. harry is hot but if we dated it would be to weird ya know were friends not a couple right. but what if we did date? would he be nicer then niall? probably! i was beginning to not love niall. he made me feel pressured and with harry i felt nice, special, safe. and with that i crawled in bed and hugged him i fell asleep with my arms around him. my harry wasn't getting away so easily next time. 


harry's pov


i don't know why i came back. i just needed to. i missed her so much. it was killing me knowing that she was with niall. but it it killed me even more knowing that i couldn't see her. i love her so much that if something happened to her i don't know what id do. i just unlocked her door with the spare key in the flower pot and fell asleep on her couch. i prayed she would find me, my prayers were answered. i was so happy she carried me up stairs. i was awake the whole time but i just wanted to feel her skin to hear her voice i knew if she knew i was awake i would have to walk. and i'm still awake i'm perfectly happy with her arms wrapped around me and not niall. i cant steal her from niall but if she left him for another guy that guy would have to be me. i kissed her forehead and went to sleep.

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