i think i love you

michelle has been his friend for ever like inseperable when the other 1d boys join ther friendship people get jelous, broken hearted, hurt, and evan killed.


6. dumped

michelle's pov


i woke up and really didnt want to go with niall. it was about 3:00 so i layed in bed for a while. i finally got up and put on black leggings with this brown sweatshirt that had a sparkly kitty on it. harry always loved when i wore that. in fact he boutght it for me. i grabbed my purse and waited for niall to pick me up. he finnally came and jiuts walked in the dorr "come on" he said grabbing my hand "uh ok" i said getting into the car "why are you wearing a cat?" he asked laughng at me "umm it was the only clean sweatshirt " i said lying and feeling really insecure we got to the movies and i avioded all conversation. he was annoying. after the mopvie i went home and called harry "hey" he said and i could tell he was smiling "wanna sleep over?" "thought you were spending the night with niall" "nah we only went to the movies" "ill be over in an hour" "ok" i said hanging up. i thought about changing but harry bought me thgis so kept it on mabey he wouldnt be so juidgemental. he knoched on the door and i yelled for him to just walk in it was unlocked anyway and i trusted him a lot more then niall."hey" harry said hugging me "miss me much?" i said laughing i loved his hugs they were so warm and cozy. "how were the movies?" he asked sighing "horrible" i said annoyed just by the thought of niall. "why?" he asked smiling for who knows why "he said my sweatshirt was dumb, i had to pay, he was just rude the whole time.....hes rude everytime." i said sighing and sitting on my bed harry sat next to me "then why are you with him?" he said looking at me his sparkly green eyes just melted my whole body i wanted to hug him but i was with niall and im not a cheater. but mabey niall deserves a little cheating. "i dont know " i said looking away before i kissed him. i felt like i9 was going to kiss him and i didnt want to do that! ever! well mabey not ever but just not right now. "oh" he said flattly.  


harry's pov


i could treat her so much better then niall could! i wish she was mine. its killing me knowing shes with niall. i hope they break up soon though. i cant take much more friendship "mabey i should breakup with him" she said hopeing i would say something "mabey" i said trying to hold in a smile. "ya know what i will!" she said with confidence this ould be it this could be the night shes finally mine "i did it!" she said sitting next to me leaning her head on my shoulder i couldnt help but to smile.

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