i think i love you

michelle has been his friend for ever like inseperable when the other 1d boys join ther friendship people get jelous, broken hearted, hurt, and evan killed.


2. cupcake warz

michelle's pov

i woke up to the sound of boys laughing and the smell of bacon. i fluttered my eyes open and ther they were the boys. my closest friends. harry zayn louis liam and niall. they were giggling and waving bacon under my nose. i was on the couch. how long did i stay up watching that movie? doesnt matter they brought me bacon. "ok ok im awake" i said letting them know they could stop teasing me with bacon. "just to be sure..." louis said poking me with a strip. "very funny" i said "hey come on just let her get up and eat shes probely starving" said niall. "thanks" i said blushing and eating bacon "wheres harry?" i said "at the store" said zayn "getting what?" i said confused "coffee and some baking stuff were having a cupcake making comp." said liam. "oh fun but prepare to be creamed ooooooooo ya know creamed like a cupcake?" "hahahahahahahahahaha not funny" said louis "i thought it was funny" said niall. just then harry burst through the door with a bunch of bags we all helped him and started our comp. i started to make some rocking cookie monster ones and niall made this awesome guitar one i was so jelous "how do you make that?" i asked niall "like this" he said finishing one "whjat?" "here let me help you" "ok" then he stood behind me wrapping his arms around me and his hands guiding mine and made a cupcake "wow thats so cool" i said blushing "hey do you-" he got cut off by harry throwing flour at him just then everyone started throwing flour at everyone and we were all covered in it by the time it was over "seriously guys now i hav to clean this up" i said annoyed because it was my house "nah il help " said harry "me too" said niall "not me" said lou "of coarse you wont" i said o lou "ima take a showerr" lou and zayne and liam said since thers 3 showers in my house "ok" i said  helping the boys clean "you look hot with flour in you hair" said niall "uh thanks" i said blushing majorly "but i look hotter" said harry "sure ya do" said niall "and how would you know" said harry "uh mabey because i hav to look at your ugly face all day" "really cause i seem to put up with your " "oh really i dont see michelle complaining about how ugly i am" "mabey because she doesnt want to be rude" "rude to you that is" "why are you even here shes my friend not yours" "i think shes my friend to" "uh i dont" "well you dont think" "and whys that" "cause you hav no brain" "at least im not 4 ft tall" "at least i dont hav giant curls" "ok blondie" "whatever bye" and with that niall stormed out "wow" i said still in shock "wow what?" harry said "what was all that aboiut?" "im just tired of him always stealing my women and this one i really like" "your women really?" "yeah the girl i like" "and who is this girl?" i asked sarcasticaly cuz it was probly just some celeb "oh yeah know beyonce" "shes so pretty" "iv seen prettier" "like who" "you" "oh uh thanks" i said awkwardly hes never said that before. "why do you like niall?" "what" i said panicing "why do you hav a crush on him?" he said wanted an answere "who told you that?" "its pretty obvious" "oh well i dont know hes just different" "oh" he said sadly for some reason" well i gotta go my mom wants me home" he said in a high pitched voice "dont you wanna shower?" "nah" "ok bye i guess" about 20 mins after he ;left it was late and the boys went home i was so confused about what happened between niall and harry it made me see a side of niall i didnt want to see it made me see a side of harry i never thought he had but it made me feel for harry like i had a connection with him because when i was little my sister called me ugly but shes moved out and everything now so she stopped. i miss harry. i want him here right now.

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